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Perkie's Observations: Maxie and Brook Lynn's Lie Gets More Complicated on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for June 29, 2021
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Maxie Jones, General Hospital

Kirsten Storms

On today's General Hospital recap: Carly wonders if Jason is on the same page she is regarding a marriage of convenience. Carly wants to know how he's supposed to show how he's now in charge. Jason says he needs to exile her and the kids. Carly doesn't want to go anywhere, but doesn't want to risk anyone either.

Jason says they have to prove that they are strong and working together. He admits marriage would show the right thing. He says it would show that Carly respects him as the head of the organization. Carly wonders what it would do to their lives.

Jason says it's a big step and they need to make sure it's the right thing. Carly says everyone will think she manipulated him into it, but Jason says they know the truth.

Liz finds Finn moping about Peter and tells him the world's better off without him. Liz tells him that Anna almost figured out what happened. Liz admits she was almost ready to tell Jason the truth, but Finn says he doesn't want Jason involved. Finn worries the police will eventually end up at the hospital and find Peter's body.

Finn says he's going to confess to killing Peter and promises not to implicate her. Finn is determined to do it despite Liz's concerns. Liz doesn't want Finn to ruin his life, but Finn counters that Maxie's worried about Peter and this will give her peace of mind.

The nanny brings Violet, who wants to spend time with her father. After she leaves, Liz points out he can't afford to turn himself in because of Violet.

When rain cancels out the search, Anna tells Valentin that she thinks the baby is gone for good. Anna figures Peter's behind everything, and they'll never find him or the baby. The two hang out in the house in Pautuk and reminisce about their past.

Anna asks about Brook Lynn. Valentin admits he likes her and they get along. He asks if she's got anyone to make her forget Finn. Anna says she has people in her life, including Valentin. The two hold hands while getting cozy in front of the fire.

Scotty tells Liesl he has a new client with deep pockets and wants to take a trip to Hawaii with her. Liesl claims she's not up to it and Scotty wonders why she seems sad, just as Britt arrives.

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Brook Lynn wonders when Michael and Willow will get together. He tells her how Chase suffered another setback and can't walk.

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Joss happens to overhear Brook Lynn say that Michael and Willow can't be together for awhile and questions it. Joss pushes, and asks about Michael and Willow, but Michael brushes off her questions.

Scotty interrupts to ask Michael about the upcoming ELQ board meeting. Michael points out that Scotty doesn't have anything to do with ELQ.

Michael asks Joss about getting ready for college. Joss talks about Cameron and how she hasn't forgiven him for almost shooting Jason.

Maxie's surprised, but congratulates Sasha on her pregnancy. Sasha feels badly that both Nina and Maxie are finding out this way, but Nina simply congratulates her.

Maxie's surprised when Brook Lynn shows up, but Lucy explains she's doing social media for the Deception-Crimson collaboration.

Maxie drags Brook Lynn out to demand why she's coming to work. Brook Lynn says she'll be able to bring the baby to daycare and Maxie will be able to see her every day.

Lucy and Nina discuss the new campaign, and Maxie's baby. Sasha says they can combine the campaign with the search for Louise. Lucy and Sasha explain their idea to Maxie and Brook Lynn. They want the magazine to feature missing children across the nation, including Maxie's baby.

Brook Lynn thinks it's a bad idea which could make Maxie miss her daughter even more. Sasha thinks it would be good to have more people aware that Louise was stolen. Maxie is forced to agree.

Britt questions Liesl on her talk with Jason about the disease. Britt says she doesn't want Huntington's to define her. Britt tells her to confide in Scotty instead of Jason. Liesl ask about Britt's feelings for Jason and tells her to let him know.

Joss gets home and wonders what's wrong with Carly.

Britt remembers sexy times with Jason as he arrives to talk.

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