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Perkie's Observations: Anna Recognizes Austin's Father on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for June 30, 2021
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Anna Devane, General Hospital

Finola Hughes

On today's General Hospital recap: Scotty gets riled up when Finn wants to talk about Peter. Finn says he also had a contentious relationship with Peter and thinks the police will start looking at him. Scotty asks if Finn knows something about Peter's disappearance.

Liz mentions that Peter poisoned Chase and Finn admits he had motive to hurt Peter. He worries the police may want to question him and about Violet. Scotty says he'll be there if Finn is questioned. Finn wants Liz to be Violet's legal guardian should anything happen.

Finn tells Liz that they need to move Peter's body out of the basement. Liz thinks they should leave things as they are. Finn doesn't want Liz to take the risk, but she says they're in it together.

Valentin and Anna discuss their friendship and get cozy by the fire. Their almost kiss gets interrupted by a call from Dante. Dante tells Anna that the autopsy on Chloe shows she died of a broken neck from the fall.

Anna also gets the DNA report with the nurse's true identity. Anna tells Valentin that the nurse's brother is a helicopter pilot, likely on Peter's payroll. Anna finds a photo lying around the cabin and shows it to Valentin. She says the boy in the photo is a young Austin and she knew his father. (Who? WHO???)

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Ava runs into and flirts with Austin. Sam brings up Nikolas, but Ava says they're getting a divorce. Sam hightails it over to let Nikolas know, and he confronts Ava. Nikolas and Ava argue until Sam breaks it up. Nikolas says they're still married, but Ava takes off her rings and tosses them away. Sam walks a drunk Ava out. The bartender calls someone who's watching from afar.

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Spinelli talks to Diane about Ellie's concerns with his involvement with the Corinthi organization. Spinelli says Ellie's may want a separation if he doesn't distance himself from Jason and Carly. Diane encourages him to talk to her and is certain they'll work it out.

Diane gets a call from Carly and heads out. A random stranger named Joey Novak introduces himself to Spinelli. Joey says the Novak family could use Spinelli's services and they want him.

Jason invites Britt out for a drink where he spots Joey and Spinelli. Jason takes Joey outside for a chat while Britt talks to Spinelli. Spinelli is surprised to hear how much business Jason has discussed with Britt. Jason returns and says he sent Joey home with a message. Britt is surprised to see blood on his hands.

Carly the problems with the business to Diane. Carly says they need to send a message to the other families to show Jason is in charge. Carly worries about losing Jason, but Diane says if he hasn't given up on her by now, he never will. Diane tells Carly that her idea is a good one, legally speaking.

Jason heads back to Carly's.

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