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Leslie Charleson Remembers Being Stuart Damon's "Daytime Wife" on General Hospital

Monica Quartermaine, Alan Quartermaine, General Hospital

As the sad news of General Hospital actor Stuart Damon's (ex-Alan) passing spread, his friends, co-stars, and family shared their heartfelt memories. Soap Hub spoke to Damon's on-screen love interest, Leslie Charleson (Monica), to discuss her beloved former scene partner.

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Damon and Charleson worked together for over 30 years. How did their relationship come about? Charleson shared that she picked Damon out of two actors auditioning for the role, and their chemistry was apparent. The veteran actress dished:

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We had a wonderful relationship. I was his 'daytime wife' and he went home to Deirdre, his forever wife, and we all had a wonderful relationship. He was not only a good actor but, as he was taller than me, I could just rest my head on his chest. That was nice. I’d lean up against him and say, 'I could just take a nap right here.'

Charleson remained in touch with Damon's family, saying:

Just this morning, [I spoke with] his son Christopher, who was extremely close to Stuart and his daughter Jennifer and his grandson Alexander. They’re all really sad. We’re all sad. We learned from each other. We worked with each other, and we had fun with each other. What else can you ask for?

One of the most memorable storylines for Alan and Monica came with Monica's breast cancer diagnosis. Charleson recalled:

We showed that breast cancer affects the husband, too. That was important. We both learned a hell of a lot during that time. I became involved with the Susan G. Komen Foundation. We got letters that said, ‘Thank you. I am the husband of a cancer patient and I want to thank you. I didn’t know this.’ We tried to give viewers the most honest depiction of what it was like to be a breast cancer survivor or victim. I thank everyone who was involved with that story. That’s when Stuart and I really sat down and decided we’d be as honest as we possibly could because this was real life.