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Perkie's Observations: Carly Announces Her Engagement to Jason on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for July 1, 2021
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Laura Wright

Laura Wright

On today's General Hospital recap: Trina, Cameron, and their families celebrate their high school graduation at Charlie's. Curtis tries to make small talk with Portia, but she brushes him off. Things are awkward between Cameron and Jake. Cameron complains about it to Trina, who tells him to keep apologizing for blaming Jason.

Liesl wants to spend time with Scotty, but he says he's on his way to Cameron's party. Liesl asks if he can bring her as his date. Liz and Laura are surprised to see them arrive together. Liesl tells Liz she's there for Franco.

At the compound, the Corinthi celebrate Joss' graduation. Britt calls and asks to meet with Jason. Jax tries to make small talk with Michael, who's still angry with him. Jason tells Joss he doesn't have a grudge against Cameron

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Carly announces to Jax, Michael, and Bobbie that she and Jason are getting married. She says they need each other and Sonny would want it. She wants them to accept it. Bobbie and Michael congratulate her, but Jax is less than thrilled.

Scotty tells Ava he spoke with Nikolas' lawyer, who knew nothing about their divorce.

Nina checks in on Ava after her blowup with Nikolas at the Metro Court. Ava tells Nina about the stalking incidents. Ava says she wouldn't survive if something happened to Avery. Ava says she's looking for a place to stay and Nina offers her a room with her.

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Nina talks about "Mike' and how she has something with him. Ava asks about leaving Port Charles and says Nina can have both "Mike" and Wiley in her life. Nina says there is no place for "Mike" in PC.

Kevin talks to Nikolas about his divorce, but he says he has no intention of letting Ava go. Kevin says he's keeping an eye on Ryan, but Nikolas doesn't believe he's the stalker. Nikolas says he set a trap to catch the stalker by setting up extra security cameras at the gallery.

Jason meets with Britt and tells her that he and Carly are getting married for the sake of the family. Britt gets upset and tells him to leave, but Jason says he'll be there to support her. Britt doesn't want his pity.

Britt says Carly always comes first and knows Jason won't be there for her. Jason says he cares about her and promises if things were different they would be together. Britt kicks him out.

Jason returns to the compound where Michael congratulates him, but also says he knows there's more to the story.

Someone breaks into the gallery and Nikolas gets an alert and leaves the party. Trina heads to the gallery, looking for Ava and runs into someone. 

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