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HBO Max Continuation to Reveal Who Gossip Girl is in Episode 101

Gossip Girl

HBO Max's Gossip Girl continuation isn't holding its punches. A Variety profile of the upcoming show and EP Joshua Safran revealed one key detail. The identity of Gossip Girl will be revealed in the first episode! However, Safran refused to even hint at who that person might be ahead of the premiere.

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What else is different between Gossip Girl 1.0 and 2.0? Safran shared:

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Obviously, you’ve seen the show — things happen, but there’s no one sleeping with somebody and then being called a 'whore,' and being made to feel bad about that. There’s only the personal regret of, 'Was I too young? Was I not ready? Did I did I not go into it with the noblest of intentions?' I’m more interested in that. Since “Gossip Girl,' there’s now a preponderance of shows that are about the fun of cat-fighting, and all of that, and that’s just not a world I want to be in. And I look at my young cast — that’s not a world that they’re in either. If they’re going to come for you in this generation, they’re going to come for you for not being authentic, for not being educated, for not actually wanting to grow and learn, for having older ideas that are not where we’re at right now, for not being conscious about your privilege. And you know how you walk through the world as a white person, or as a straight person. That’s where the conversation is. It’s not: You slept with my boyfriend, and I’m going to now destroy you online.

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The pacing of the two shows will be significantly different. He added:

I think because I was younger, I was more seduced by making sure we had enough story than making sure that we had the right story. We had 22, sometimes 24, one season 25 episodes — and you just have to feed the machine. And especially if we were shooting eight-day episodes, new scripts had to be ready every eight days.

But now the benefit of a 12-episode season is I do have the time and the space to step back and make sure. I slowed the story down. There are 16 series regulars instead of seven. And they’re up to 22 recurring instead of 12, and so the world is bigger. In order to slow down story, there’s more story!