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Y&R Grads Telma Hopkins and Vanessa Marano Cast in NBC's Dangerous Moms Pilot

Dangerous Moms cast rounds out.
Telma Hopkins, Vanessa Marano, Daneroug Moms

Telma Hopkins/CBS, Vanessa Marano/ABC

The Young and the Restless alums Telma Hopkins (Denise Tolliver) and Vanessa Marano (ex-Eden Baldwin) have signed on to NBC's upcoming dark comedy pilot Dangerous Moms, according to Deadline. Based on the Spanish series Señoras del (h)Ampa, the show focuses on four diverse mothers who accidentally kill off the HBIC of their school's PTA while demonstrating a new high-end food processor!

Shameless star Shanola Hampton is headlining the series from Claws showrunner Janine Sherman Barrois. Hampton will also produce. Dascha Polanco (Orange is the New Black) stars opposite Hampton. 

Hampton will portray Monique. Polanco will portray her nemesis, Pia, the number one salesperson for the state-of-the-art TurboThunder3000 food processor and a popular mommy blogger. 

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According to Deadline:

Hopkins will play Fatima. The highly spiritual Fatima lives in and works as a manager at one of Pia’s (Polanco) buildings, where she takes care of her own grandson. She is also a full-time embalmer at a popular funeral home.

Marano is Rebecca “Becki” Rossi, a bubbly, pregnant newlywed, with no filter. She knows Fatima, Chloe, and Monique from the PTA, but after a series of crazy events, they become unsuspecting friends.