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Perkie's Observations: Trina Runs Into Trouble at Ava's Gallery

General Hospital Recap for July 2, 2021
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Trina Robinson, General Hospital

Sydney Mikayla

On today's General Hospital recap: Michael questions Jason and Carly's motives. She admits there are problems with the business. Jason says the other families expect them to push one out and the Novaks are coming for them. Carly explains to him how their engagement sends a message that they are a united front.

Michael asks if they actually want to get married. Carly tells him their marriage will be a business arrangement only. Michael believes Sonny would understand and approve.

Jason feels getting married stabilizes the business and protects the family. Carly feels it's time to take off her rings and the two admit they miss Sonny.

The graduation party moves to The Savoy. Ava tells Jordan her stalker has not being caught yet.

Portia tells Curtis that Taggert questioned her about her previous relationship with Curtis. Curtis wonders about the cold shoulder she's been sending him. Portia says Curtis made it clear he wasn't interested, but he says that's not true. Portia says nothing can come of it.

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Nina gives Joss a gift, which happens to be a journal. Cameron figures she can use it like she used the other. Joss accuses him of reading her old journal. The two argue about it and Cameron says Joss needs to be honest. Cameron says Joss wrote in her journal that he was a bad kisser, which Joss denies writing. Joss kisses Cameron. (No, No, NO NOOOOOOOOOO!!)

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Jax tells Nina that Carly and Jason are getting married. Jax worries that Carly will be hurt, but Nina says he can't save her.

Britt pays Brad a visit in Pentonville. The two make small talk about Wiley and then Jason. Brad is shocked when Britt admits she slept with Jason. She says it's over now and Brad realizes that she cares for Jason. Britt berates herself for getting involved and Brad commiserates with her.

Jax and Britt wind up at the same bar. (Now, if they wake up in Vegas hungover and married, I'll get behind that.)

The Ninja watches while Trina maces Nikolas when he surprises her at the gallery. Nikolas explains he set a trap for the stalker.

Kevin and Laura worry when they don't hear back from Nikolas. Trina calls and they head to the gallery. The two take Nikolas to the hospital to be checked out. Laura talks to Nikolas about honoring Ava's wishes. Nikolas says he needs to call the stalker's bluff.

Trina runs into the Ninja who drops a detonator. Trina picks it up and it goes off. Trina shows up at the party covered in what looks like red paint. (Which begs the question, why didn't she just go home and shower?)

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