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Perkie's Observations: Nikolas' Games Infuriate Ava on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for July 5, 2021
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Ava Jerome, General Hospital

Marcus Coloma, Maura West

Trina explains she went to the gallery, and ran into the ninja and the detonator set off the sprinklers, dumping red goop on her. She says she chased after the ninja, but lost him so she showed up at The Savoy.

Jordan gets a call from Dante. He explains he's already at the gallery since the police were called when the sprinklers went off. Jordan and Ava head to the gallery. Dante tells them what happened and says the liquid is not toxic.

Dante mentions that a silent alarm was set up at the doorway, but Ava says she never installed one. Nikolas arrives in time to explain that he set up the alarm. When it went off however, he showed up and Trina sprayed him with pepper spray.

Ava's upset with Nikolas. He tries to comfort her, but Ava wants nothing to do with him. Ava reminds him they're getting divorced, but Nikolas questions why she's giving up. Ava says the stalker has been able to get into their lives and Avery isn't safe. Nikolas says they love each other, but Ava insists she doesn't want to be married to him anymore.

Trina decides to clean up and change. Portia's a little shaken up and Curtis reassures her. Curtis complains to Nina that Portia is still freezing him out and wonders who warned her about him. Nina, who had a conversation with Taggert earlier, says it wasn't him.

The ninja sneaks into the club and removes his outfit, revealing Spencer. He checks in on Trina, who doesn't recognize him. Spencer wants to know why Trina was at the gallery and badmouths Ava, but Trina comes to Ava's defense. Spencer praises Trina for being so strong and introduces himself as Victor. Trina decides to stay at the party.

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Cameron wants to know why Joss kissed him. She says she wanted to prove that he wasn't a bad kisser. Cameron demands to know why she would write that in her journal, but Joss says she didn't. The two realize that Dev forged the journal entry.

Britt explains to Jax what happened when she was on the run with Jason. Jax explains that Carly and Jason's first loyalty is to each other. The two talk smack, and then praise Carly and Jason. The two get flirty and Britt invites Jax back to her room where they get down and dirty.

TJ and Molly head to Pentonville, and Shawn tells them Alexis is in solitary. Shawn says his library privileges were revoked and wants Molly's legal advice.

Alone, Shawn tells Molly about Judge Carson and how she needs to let Diane deal with it. (Geez Shawn, why tell Molly if you don't want her involved?) Molly tells TJ she's going to accept Judge Carson's help.

Alexis is stuck in solitary and talks to Conscience Alexis, who tells her to stay away from Judge Carson.

Jordan and Dante find a shoe print at the scene that doesn't belong to Trina or the police.

Spencer pulls out his phone, which has a photo of Nikolas, Laura, and himself. He tells his father it's for his own good.

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