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Aaron D. Spears Dishes Justin's Ambition And Diversifying The Bold And The Beautiful (WATCH)

Aaron D. Spears, The Bold and the Beautiful

The Bold and the Beautiful's Aaron D. Spears (Justin Barber) has turned against his BFF and boss, Bill Spencer (Don Diamont). He's keeping Dollar Bill and son Liam (Scott Clifton) in prison; as a result, Justin finally gets to ascend to the top post at Spencer Publications.

Spears spoke to Bold Live! about Justin's latest moves and what fans can expect next. Was this latest character move a surprise for the actor? Spears dished:

I never thought Justin would necessarily go completely, fully into that direction, but you know how it is. When you’re second fiddle for so long, you know, things begin to wear on you, especially when you know you're capable of being capable of being first fiddle or first chair or whatever word you would prefer to call that. So it’s just an accumulation of things. I think Justin just got fed up with the nonsense and coupled with the comments I hear about Emma [Nia Sioux] and Thomas [Matthew Atkinson] and some people are like, 'No, she killed her own self because she was reading and texting,' I think all that played into it.

Is Justin going to stick around Los Angeles? Spears said:

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No, he’s not going anywhere; if you really want to think about it, if you really want to stretch this to the limit of a rivalry, what better rivalry would it be than Dollar Bill and Justin?

B&B has also made changes in front of the camera and behind the camera as of late. He noted:

The Bold and the Beautiful has been a white show for a very long time. Correct, yes, Circumstances within this world happened and they could've ignored it, been like, 'Ah, whatever; oh, you know what, I'm happy.'[...] But guess what? George Floyd died and things around the office have changed. There a lot of more people behind the scenes, a lot of more people in front of the scene; it's a lot of more people writing. No, I haven't seen a director yet; there's people in wardrobe. Yes, there's more they can do, but guess what? They did something and now they're mixing it up with main storylines with people of color as the lead actors.

For more chat about Justin's future, check out the full interview below.