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Perkie's Observations: Liz and Sam Purge Jason From Their Lives on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for July 6, 2021
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Samantha McCall, Elizabeth Webber, General Hospital

Rebecca Herbst, Kelly Monaco

On today's General Hospital recap: It's the fourth of July in Port Charles.

Everyone's at Charlie's for a celebratory party for Chase's release from the hospital. Chase notices a connection between Finn and Liz, and calls him on it. Finn says Liz is just a good friend.

Anna tells Jordan she's working with Valentin to search for Peter and the baby.

Michael moons over Willow. Willow and Chase offer to take Violet to the fireworks. Michael tells Willow that Carly and Jason are getting married, which shocks Sam and Liz. Sam gets upset and storms out and Liz chases after her. Liz catches up with her on the pier and says she understands Sam's feelings.

The two share a drink while they commiserate about always coming in second to Carly. Liz feels they need to cleanse Jason from their system and lights a fire. Sam tosses her leather jacket, as well as her dominos and a bottle of tequila into the fire.

Monica speaks to Brook Lynn about Maxie's visits with Bailey. Monica feels it's not healthy, just as Maxie arrives and gushes over the baby. When Monica leaves, Brook Lynn berates Maxie for showing up at the mansion again. Maxie says she can't help herself.

Jax and Britt wake up the morning after and decide to continue last night's activities. Afterwards, Britt talks about her first fourth of July in town and how terrible it was. The two joke around and get along quite well.

Joss tells Carly that Trina came face to face with the stalker.

When Jason arrives, Carly tells Joss about their upcoming marriage. Joss is surprised, but offers her support.

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Trina runs into Spencer suntanning on the docks. Trina invites him to join the others at the park, but Spencer changes his mind when she mentions Joss and Cameron.

Jake is still angry with Cameron for believing the worst of Jason. Cameron apologizes again and Jake admits to missing Cameron. The boys make up and hug as Joss shows up.

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Joss tells Cameron about the wedding. Cameron wants to discuss their kiss, but Trina interrupts them. When Spencer doesn't show up, Trina decides to go home and watch the fireworks with her mother.

Cameron and Joss go back to discussing their kiss. Cameron wonders if they would be together now if Dev hadn't lied to them.

Anna joins Valentin for sparklers on the mansion patio. When Anna accidentally burns her finger, Valentin kisses it to make it better, then the two share a kiss.

Dante gets a call about women on the docks with the fire pit and heads over there with Finn. Sam says they were celebrating the fourth of July since she's declared her independence.

After Joss leaves, Jason pulls out a ring for Carly. Carly gets a call from Olivia that Mr. Novak is at the Metro Court, so the two decide to head there

At the Metro Court, Mr. Novak says he wants to coexist in peace. Jason asks him to celebrate their engagement and Carly shows her ring.

Later, Jason is not happy to see a laughing Britt and Jax exit the elevator together.

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