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Marcus Coloma Opens Up About Spencer's Return on General Hospital

Marcus Coloma, General Hospital

General Hospital's Marcus Coloma (Nikolas) is excited to welcome back the Cassadine prince's only child, son Spencer. He told Soap Opera Digest about working with GH newcomer Nicholas Chavez.

Coloma dished:

I’m very excited. It’s such an important role, and Nicholas is great. It’s bittersweet, because Nicolas Bechtel is also a very sweet guy, but I like Nicholas a lot and there will be a lot of interesting stuff to play between Nikolas and Spencer that I’m looking forward to exploring.

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Coloma and Chavez have already bonded over their mutual love of chess. Coloma explained:

I saw him watching some of the extras playing in the green room on this really cheap board that’s been in there forever. I said, ‘Oh, you play chess?’ He said, ‘Yeah, do you play?’ I said, ‘Yeah!’ It was like this instant point of commonality, this great, instant bond. So I bought in a board and we started playing. We’ve become really good friends.

Bechtel shared a goodbye message on Twitter, stating: