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General Hospital's Eden McCoy Previews Josslyn And Cameron's Summer Lovin'

Eden McCoy, William Lipton

General Hospital's Eden McCoy is opening about that long-awaited kiss between her character, Josslyn, and Cameron (William Lipton). She told TV Insider that a potential romance has been slowly simmering on the back burner for a while.

McCoy explained

It’s not shocking that this is happening. Our characters admitted to having feelings for one another years ago — before Oscar [Garren Stitt] was dying.

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She added:

William is awesome. He’s one of my closest friends off-screen and we want to give the fans everything that they’ve been asking for.

The pair might spend some hours lounging at the brand-new pool and spa set at the Metro Court. McCoy dished:

It’s so much fun to work in this set. I haven’t gone fully into the pool yet, but they keep it warm for us. It feels different taping in this set, very relaxed. Shawn Reeves [GH’s costumer] has been styling us with these cute [bathing] suits and new wardrobe.