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General Hospital Caption This: Sam and Liz Learn Jason and Carly are Getting Married

Samantha McCall, Elizabeth Webber, General Hospital

Kelly Monaco, Rebecca Herbst

When you watch characters long enough, you can actually see what they're thinking. Such was the case this week on General Hospital when Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Liz (Rebecca Herbst) found out their common ex Jason (Steve Burton) was marrying a woman they've been at odds with over the years, Carly (Laura Wright). 

It would be a massive understatement to say that Sam and Liz are usually on the opposite sides of any issue. Their rivalry has been a decades-long point of contention for fans, especially when they were paired with Jason. 

No matter how much Jason loved them, his loyalty to the Corinthos family is unshakeable. Now, to save the family from infiltration from the outside, Jason and his best friend Carly, have decided to get married. All this in the wake of her husband and mob kingpin Sonny's (Maurice Benard) alleged death.

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Make no mistake, Sam and Liz have warmed to frenemy status, but when they overheard the news of Jason's impending marriage, they shared the same reaction.

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What course of action is appropriate? Sam and Liz decided fire was a perfect place to start. The gals lit a barrel on fire at the docks and tossed in a few of Jason's items. Does this purge make them feel better? Of course! But it may be short-lived as they still have to face off against both Jason and Carly at some point. 

Take your best Caption This shot at these pictures and savor these great soapy moments from GH!

Samantha McCall, Elizabeth Webber, General Hospital
Samantha McCall, Elizabeth Webber, General Hospital
Samantha McCall, General Hospital
Samantha McCall, General Hospital
Michael Corinthos ,Samantha McCall, Elizabeth Webber, General Hospital