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Perkie's Observations: Carly and Jason Put Their Plan Into Motion on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for July 7, 2021
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Laura Wright, Steve Burton

Laura Wright, Steve Burton

On today's General Hospital recap: Dante wants answers from Liz and Sam or he'll arrest them. Sam gets belligerent, grabs Dante, and the two end up in the water. After Finn and Liz pull them out, Dante continues to question why they set things on fire. Sam tells them that Jason and Carly are getting married.

Liz explains to Finn that she was worried about Sam and didn't want her to deal with the news on her own. Dante offers to get Sam home safely. Liz admits to Finn that she's not surprised by the Jarly news, but she's in a good place. Finn tells Liz that she's important to him, but she's fallen asleep on his shoulder.

Dante takes Sam back to Charlie's where they watch the fireworks. Dante says Jason messed up and chose the wrong person. He says he would have chosen her and the two kiss. Sam breaks it off and runs away.

Cameron and Joss talk about their feelings. Joss admits she thought she was betraying Oscar if she had feelings for Cameron. Cameron thinks they should move forward and the two share another kiss.

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Monica finds Maxie holding the baby and thinks she should put her down. Brook Lynn returns and takes the baby back. When Maxie leaves the room, Monica warns Brook Lynn that it's unhealthy for Maxie to use Bailey to help her deal. Monica thinks Maxie needs counseling and Brook Lynn offers to talk to Maxie.

Anna pulls back from Valentin's kiss and feels it can't happen again. Valentin doesn't understand her objections and admits he's wanted her for years. Anna doesn't think she can be interested in him that way. Anna thinks he's a terrible influence on her, but he finds her sexy. He says he'll be here when she's ready.

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Phyllis wants Sonny to take some time off to celebrate the holiday. She wants him to go and visit Nina, but Sonny disagrees. He calls Nina, but she doesn't take the call.

Liesl and Nina catch up. Liesl wonders what has kept Nina away for so long. Nina admits she met someone named Mike. When Nina gives no further details, Liesl wonders if she's dating a married man. Nina brushes her off then tells Liesl about Jason and Carly's marriage.

Carly doesn't look amused when Britt admits she and Jax are together. Britt lets it be known that Jax was in her room. After they leave, Carly complains to Jason that Britt and Jax are sleeping together. Jason doesn't want to discuss it.

Britt apologizes to Jax for snarking with Carly, but he says he doesn't mind. Carly interrupts to speak with Jax. Carly tells Jax not to take advantage of Britt, who has feelings for Jason. Jax counters that Carly shouldn't have gone after Jason, knowing how Britt felt.

Jax says Carly has a stranglehold on Jason and refuses to let go, no matter the women in his life. Jax calls Jason her fallback and feels Jason would let her out of the mob, but Carly wouldn't want that. Carly says marrying Jason is the best choice for her family.

Jason tells Britt that no one knows about her diagnosis and promises to be there for her despite his marriage to Carly. Britt counters with a "go to hell' and tells him to move on. She says she can handle her diagnosis on her own. Jason swears that she meant something to him and still does. Britt tells him to admit he's been in love with Carly all along. Jason admits Carly's been a part of his life for so long, but says he's loved the other women in his life. Britt says Carly knows what she has with him and offers her congratulations.

Carly complains to Jason about Jax and how he might be right. Jason says they're doing what they have to do and that he's glad he's with her. 

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