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Perkie's Observations: Molly and Martin Set a Trap for Judge Carson on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for July 8, 2021
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Molly Davis, General Hospital

Haley Pullos

On today's General Hospital recap: Curtis questions Jordan about why she hasn't submitted the divorce papers. Jordan complains that she's been dealing with a lot and hasn't had a chance to sign them.

Jordan mentions how Curtis is moving on. He admits he's been spending time with Portia and mentions sharing a kiss. Curtis is surprised that Jordan had no idea and says he thinks someone warned Portia away from him. Jordan says it wasn't her and promises to send in the divorce papers.

TJ and Stella make small talk and catch up with each other. Stella asks about Jordan's marriage and wonders if she and Curtis will reconcile. TJ says they're both committed to moving on.

Curtis runs into Stella who says she believes since he and Jordan put in the time, they can work things out. Curtis realizes Stella was the one who warned Portia.

Ava checks in with Portia regarding Trina's experience at the gallery. Portia says she's been watching Trina closely, but hasn't noticed any cracks. Ava promises to do everything to keep Trina safe.

Spencer runs into Trina, who complains that he ghosted her for the fireworks. He apologizes and wants to get to know her better. The two make small talk about art and Trina seems smitten. Trina talks about her overprotective mother and Spencer mentions losing his mother as a child. Portia arrives and Trina introduces her mother to Victor.

After Spencer leaves, Portia and Trina discuss Victor. Trina says he works at the club and Portia is happy she met someone nice. Spencer heads to the cemetery to visit grandpa Mike's grave.

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Nikolas meets with Martin to discuss his divorce. Nikolas tells him about the stalker and how things are escalating. Martin asks about the new lead, which Nikolas isn't aware of. Martin mentions the footprint.

Nikolas tells Ava the police have a lead and wants them to run away together. He says they can disappear to Cassadine Island and hang out there until the stalker is caught. Ava doesn't believe he would leave Wyndemere or Laura behind. Nikolas says he won't lose her and will do anything to save their marriage.

Ava says she can't take Avery away because she's had too much loss already. She won't put Avery at risk just so they can be together. Ava says if Nikolas loves her, he'll help her and give her the divorce. Nikolas finally agrees to give her the divorce.

Shawn and Alexis are allowed to spend some time together. Alexis complains her time in solitaire and has a panic attack, which Shawn talks her through. Shawn tells Alexis he spoke with Molly and all of this could be because of Judge Carson. Alexis is upset that he dragged Molly into this mess and is afraid the judge will charge in and ruin her law career. Shawn reassures her that Molly will be fine.

Molly meets with Judge Carson. Molly wants to talk about her case files, including some of the judge's old cases. Molly talks about the judge giving the maximum sentences to defendants, even those who showed remorse. The judge says some defendants are great actors, but Molly mentions that in a lot of the cases, the defendants are black.

Judge Carson is less than happy with Molly's accusation. Molly says she has no respect for the judge and she'll stop her. Martin overhears and steps in. Judge Carson says each case is different and needs to be evaluated as such. Judge Carson says she'll be complaining to the bar and the DA's office about Molly's accusations. Molly says she'll be fighting back.

Judge Carson complains to Martin about Molly's accusations and claims she isn't biased. Martin says Molly is as unstable as Alexis. Judge Carson says some people only respond to incarceration.

Martin heads to Jordan's office and shows her the recording he made of his conversation with Judge Carson. Molly says the judge is going down. 

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