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Wendy Williams Under Fire For Segment on Dead TikTok Star

Swavy, Wendy Williams, The Wendy Williams Show

Wendy Williams is once again causing controversy, and viewers are calling for her talk show to be cancelled! 

On Wednesday, the host discussed deceased TikTok star Swavy and his death and griped about him having more followers than her on the social media platform. Williams mentioned how the 19-year-old dancer and influencer was murdered on Monday morning after she claimed nobody in her studio audience knew who he was and her producer Norman Baker noted she had more followers on Instagram.

Williams stated:

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I have no idea who this is. Neither does Norman. Neither does one person in this building. Clap if you know who Swavy is.

Williams went on to discuss how she doesn't use TikTok and revealed to the audience the news of Swavy's death.

Here he is. He’s 19 and he was murdered Monday morning.

The studio audience members gasped over her revelation and started to gain traction online. The Wrap reported how calls to cancel Williams' talk show were commencing and reps had no comment over the discussion. 

Watch the segment below.