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Perkie's Observations: Carly And Britt Face Off on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for July 9, 2021
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Carly Corinthos, Dr. Britt Westbourne, General Hospital

Laura Wright, Kelly Thiebaud

On today's General Hospital recap: Martin tells Jordan that Judge Carson admitted to giving out different sentences depending on the race of the suspect. Jordan says she'll send a copy of the recording to the judicial review board and will petition to move Shawn and Alexis. Jordan warns TJ and Molly it won't be easy. Molly tells Jordan to do what it takes to make it right.

Alexis gets upset and says she can't go back to solitary, despite Shawn's efforts to calm her down. The guard grabs Alexis' bad arm and she falls to the ground. Shawn and the guard get into it, just as Jordan arrives.

Jordan promises Alexis that she won't be going back to solitary and both she and Shawn are safe. Jordan says she's taking them into protective custody.

Maxie is surprised to see Austin in Port Charles, but he says he has business here. Anna interrupts to thank Austin for helping them in Pautuk. She says the rain washed away a lot of the evidence

Maxie questions Anna about her thoughts on Austin and Anna remembers talking to Valentin about the photo. Anna tells Maxie that Austin's last name made her wonder if he was related to someone she knows.

Maxie asks about Valentin, but Anna downplays it. Maxie says she sees the way Valentin looks at her, but Anna hasn't forgiven herself yet about Peter. Maxie says she forgives her and tells Anna to forgive herself.

Monica complains to Valentin that he's freeloading by living in her house, but at the same time, trying to take over ELQ. Valentin plays the Bailey card, so Monica backs off.

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Martin meets with Valentin, who says he returned Brook Lynn's shares. Martin gets annoyed when Valentin appears distracted and asks about Anna. Valentin warns Martin to back off.

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Terry asks Portia to back her campaign for Chief of Staff. Britt overhears and gets a little snarky with Terry. Portia warns Terry the COS position is very demanding. Terry thinks she would make a difference if she was COS.

Curtis confronts Stella about warning Portia away and she admits she did it. Curtis says it wasn't her place to say anything. Curtis says the divorce papers have been signed and his marriage is over. Stella says she's saving him from himself. Stella tells Curtis to talk to Jordan and fight for her. Stella says Portia has her flaws and secrets, just like anyone else.

Britt interviews Austin for a job at the hospital. Britt questions why he's giving up his private practice in Pautuk to join the Port Charles hospital. Austin says he has business in town and plans on sticking around for awhile.

Liz and Finn discuss Peter's body and how to move him. Liz thinks they should ask Jason for help, but Finn doesn't like that idea. Liz asks about Anna, but Finn says he doesn't want her to be involved. Liz says they need to move now while they can while the cameras are still out of order. Monica overhears part of their conversation and lets them know that all the cameras have been hooked back up.

Jason and Carly head to the hospital to talk to Monica, but at the last second, Carly bails on Jason. Jason tells Monica that he and Carly are getting married. Jason says it's best for their family. Jason promises he can be happy, so Monica gives her blessing.

Carly and Britt talk about Jason. Britt says it was a crazy time, but it's over. Carly says she never intended to hurt Britt, but she and Jason decided to act on their feelings for each other. Carly says what she and Jason have is forever. Jason arrives just as Britt gets upset and storms off.

Jordan brings Alexis and Shawn to the PCPD, where they are reunited with TJ and Molly. 

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