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Perkie's Observations: Maxie Decides to Leave Port Charles on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for July 12, 2021
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Kirsten Storms

Kirsten Storms

On today's General Hospital recap: Jason questions Carly, who says she had to tell Britt some truths. Carly says she wanted Britt to know she shouldn't wait for Jason and that it's over. Carly says he doesn't want Britt to hope they'll get back together, then realizes Jason might want the same thing. Jason says they chose to do this and Britt didn't, so Carly needs to leave her alone.

Curtis wants to know if Portia backed off because of Stella. Portia says Stella made some good points, including Curtis' very recent divorce. She says she doesn't want a rebound relationship.

Curtis says they should focus on the positives, but Portia doesn't want to lose their friendship. Curtis says her fears are keeping her from something good.

Jordan says Shawn and Alexis will stay at the PCPD jail while the warden cleans up the problems at Pentonville. TJ questions whether Shawn will be released once Judge Carson is investigated by the review board. Jordan thinks he might have to finish out his sentence. Shawn says if he gets released, he's going to find out who really shot Hayden.

Curtis is surprised to see Shawn at Jordan's office. Jordan explains that they're reviewing a biased judge and may get to alter Shawn's sentence. Curtis apologizes for accusing Jordan of pushing Portia away.

Austin starts his first day at the hospital. Alexis is taken to the hospital to have her arm checked, while Dante and Sam hover. Both are surprised when Austin turns out to be Alexis' doctor. Sam tells Austin that she wants Portia to take care of Alexis.

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Austin runs into Carly and reacts weirdly to the Corinthos name. Austin mentions taking over for Lucas (huh?). Austin asks about Monica and Carly sings her praises. Austin mentions other powerful families in town and Carly wonders how he knows so much. Austin claims he did some research when he got the interview.

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Maxie complains to Brook Lynn that Austin is now in Port Charles working at the hospital. Maxie says he might recognize Brook Lynn, but she says Austin was unconscious and didn't see anything. Brook Lynn tells Maxie to stop worrying about everything or she'll end up giving them away.

Brook Lynn tells Maxie that Monica overheard her call the baby Louise and she needs to call her Bailey from now on. Maxie asks to see the baby, but Brook Lynn refuses. Maxie hates all the lying and Brook Lynn asks if she wants to end things. Maxie says while Peter is out there, she can't tell anyone the truth. Maxie decides she'll do what's best for the baby and decides she needs to leave Port Charles.

Jax checks in on Britt, who admits she'll have to get used to seeing Jason and Carly together. Britt thanks Jax for their night together and the two agree to be friends.

Jason runs into Jax and warns him not to hurt Britt. Jax says he wasn't the one who hurt her.

Liesl apologizes to Britt for pushing her to fall for Jason. Britt says she needs to move on and has. Liesl realizes that Britt slept with Jax and figures she felt vulnerable from Jason's rejection. Liesl praises Britt's strength and the two share a hug, which Jason sees.

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