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Don Diamont Teases Bill's Continued Pursuit of Katie on The Bold And The Beautiful

Don Diamont

On The Bold and the Beautiful, "Dollar Bill" Spencer (Don Diamont) should be living it up. After all, he's just been sprung from jail and reunited with his family. But not everything on the home front is likely to go his way, Diamont told

The relentless publishing mogul will continue to try to win back his ex-wife Katie Logan (Heather Tom), but she might not believe his shtick this time around. Bill has apparently realized that Katie is the woman for him, Diamont explained:

Bill has changed a great deal since he was first introduced to the canvas, largely because of his involvement with Katie, but he still struggles with his emotional complexities. A lot of that has to do with who he was before we even met him. We’ve seen his edges soften as he’s become a family man, but he has also worked hard not to lose himself.

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However, just because he's realized how much he loves Katie doesn't mean she'll reciprocate. Diamont said of Bill:

Unfortunately, he has a self-destructive personality and is always getting in his own way. He will tear down the best things that happen to him because, ultimately, he doesn’t consider himself worthy.

He added:

That doesn’t mean he’s going to quit trying. Bill will never give up on Katie. How can he? That would be like giving up on himself!