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Perkie's Observations: Austin Stakes His Claim on ELQ on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for July 13, 2021
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Austin Holt, General Hospital

Roger Howarth

On today's General Hospital recap: Maxie says she has a hard time staying away from the baby. Brook Lynn doesn't want her to leave town, but to wait and see what happens with Peter. She feels Maxie is being too emotional to make a decision right now. Monica arrives and is annoyed to see Maxie again. Monica says she's worried about her and thinks she needs help.

Nina calls Mike to check in and tells him she misses him. Ava overhears and is happy for Nina. Ava wants to know if Mike has plans to come here or if Nina is planning on going back to Nixon Falls. Nina says she's concentrating on Wiley for now. Ava pushes the Mike issue.

Nina says she doesn't want Mike coming to PC because there are too many people in town that are an issue. She says things were more normal in Nixon Falls. Maxie shows up, asking Nina for help.

Maxie tells Nina she's thinking of taking James and leaving town. Nina doesn't understand where this is coming from. Maxie says she's been visiting Bailey a lot and Monica thinks she needs counseling.

Maxie admits when she's with Bailey she doesn't want to let her go. Nina says Bailey isn't Maxie's daughter, which upsets Maxie even more. Nina promises to get help for Maxie and questions whether Maxie plans on stealing the baby. (Giant kudos to Kirsten Storms who was absolutely heartbreaking in her meltdown).

Lenny thanks Sonny for helping out while he's having medical issues. Sonny tells Phyllis about his call with Nina and wonders why she hasn't told Nina about Lenny's heart problems. Phyllis wants Nina to spend time with Wiley and not to worry about Lenny.

Trina runs into Spencer. She mentions Ava and how she and Nikolas are divorcing. He asks for details and Trina tells him about the stalker. Spencer looks worried when Trina mentions the police have a copy of the stalker's boot print. Trina wants to take a selfie, but Spencer refuses.
Spencer tosses his blood-covered boots into a dumpster.

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Trina talks to Ava about "Victor" and how she finds him interesting, but elusive.

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Laura stops by Wyndemere as the movers are taking Ava's things away. Nikolas wants to find Ava and stop everything, but Laura feels he has to honor her wishes. Nikolas doesn't want to sit around and wait for what the stalker will do next.

Laura says they boot print is being analyzed and they're hopeful they will find out who it is. Nikolas worries the stalker will move onto another person he cares about. Laura figures he's talking about Spencer and mention she's been in contact with him.

Nikolas says he hurt Spencer by letting him believe he was dead. Laura says Spencer adores Nikolas, but he feels Spencer is holding a grudge. Nikolas wishes Spencer was home. Just then, Spencer shows up.

Scott and Austin make small talk about their plans for the most powerful family in town. Scott says Austin will make some enemies by making a move against Michael.

Valentin is ready for the family meeting for the new CEO. Michael wants everyone to vote for Ned. Michael says he has Aurora to deal with and Ned is the better man for the job. Ned wants Olivia's opinion. Olivia thinks Ned is the best man for the job if he can keep it in perspective.

Monica talks to Olivia about getting back together with Ned, but Olivia says they're taking things slowly.

Valentin's ready to start the meeting, but Scott shows up saying they have to wait for all the Quartermaines to arrive. Everyone is confused when Austin walks in and introduces himself as Austin Gatlin Holt.

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