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Perkie's Observations: Maxie Confesses to Nina About Louise on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for July 14, 2021
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Kirsten Storms

Kirsten Storms

On today's General Hospital recap: Brook Lynn tells everyone that Austin delivered Maxie's baby and is now working at the hospital. Monica explains that Austin must be Jimmy Lee and Charity's son. Scotty declares Austin to be Edward's grandson. He claims he has all the DNA and all the proof that Austin is a Quartermaine descendent.

Valentin points out that Austin's status means he's entitled to some voting shares, but Michael disagrees. Ned says Austin has no claim since Edward cut Jimmy Lee and his descendants from his estate.

Austin explains how Jimmy Lee died six months ago, which is why he's here to stake his claim. Austin feels what was rightfully his father's is rightfully his. Ned says Edward's will was probated years ago and the Holt descendants have no legal standing.

Austin says he will contest Edward's will and let a judge decide his rights. Scotty says he filed papers challenging Edward's decision to split the shares the way he did.

Monica says it was Edward's right and Brook Lynn says they can't change Edward's wishes. Valentin says they can't continue with the vote until the issue has been settled.

Austin says he's here to vindicate his father and take his rightful seat at the table. He claims he wants to get to know everyone and spend time with his family.

Maxie tells Nina she's not delusional, but Nina says the baby's home is with Brook Lynn. Maxie begs Nina to keep her secret no matter what. Maxie tells Nina the truth that Bailey is really Louise.

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Maxie explains everything to Nina, who believes her. Nina questions whether Valentin was in on the plan as well, but Maxie denies it. Maxie says she's more concerned about her daughter's welfare than Valentin's feelings.

Maxie says it's too hard to be around the baby, which is why she wants to leave town until Peter is caught. Nina still thinks they should bring Valentin into the loop, but Maxie disagrees. Nina says Maxie has an army at her side to fight Peter, but Maxie doesn't want anyone else in danger. Maxie thanks Nina for keeping her secret.

Laura and Nikolas are thrilled to see Spencer, but wonder why he's in PC now. Spencer says he felt unwelcome, just as Ava arrives. Spencer claims to be surprised to hear that Ava and Nikolas are divorcing. Things are awkward between Ava and Nikolas before she leaves. Spencer pretends to be sympathetic to Nikolas, who sees right through it. Spencer says he came back because Nikolas needs him.

Laura is sad to see Ava go, but Ava says she needs to put Avery's safety above all else. Laura promises to find the stalker so she can be with Nikolas.

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Phyllis tells Sonny that Lenny's heart condition has worsened. Sonny wants a second opinion and Phyllis agrees to search for a cardiologist that can help him.

Lenny's upset with Sonny for giving Phyllis hope. Lenny says his treatment will be expensive and doesn't want them to go further into debt. He says he's dying and doesn't want Phyllis to lose the bar. Sonny says he'll find a way to pay. Phyllis says she's found a specialist for a second opinion . . . in New York.

Anna's still searching for the helicopter pilot involved with Peter's disappearance. She and Finn make small talk about Violet. Finn apologizes for being so hard on Anna during Chase's sickness. She blames Peter and promises to bring him to justice.

Finn understands Peter's power to get under people's skin and says he should have been more understanding. The two agree to move forward as friends. Anna gets information about the pilot just as Valentin shows up. The two agree to follow the lead, which seems to worry Finn.

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