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It's Official: Jerry O'Connell Becomes First Male Full-Time Co-Host on The Talk

Jerry O'Connell

There's a new member of The Talk family. Jerry O’Connell was officially named a co-host of the CBS gabfest, becoming the first man in the job in the show's history. The news comes after The Wrap revealed earlier this week CBS and O'Connell have been in negotiations for months to secure his spot at the table. 

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The Talk hinted at the big news earlier today on Twitter when by tweeting out:

Later, O'Connell came on for the reveal of his tenure on the show and said how thrilled he was for his new job. O'Connell stated:

It's real exciting. First of all, I want to say, you ladies have been so welcoming to me. I mean, I came here as a guest months ago, and just from the moment I walked in, you're just gracious, you're kind, you're fun, and it worked. And here we are. We're going to have a lot of fun, we really are.

Watch O'Connell's revelation below.

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O'Connell joins the show after OG panelist Sharon Osbourne was given the boot in March.

The Talk executive producers Heather Gray and Kristin Matthews said in a released statement about O'Connell boarding the show:

We are beyond thrilled Jerry O'Connell is our new host. We loved his infectious enthusiasm, humor, openness and insights as a guest co-host and look forward to him now bringing those dynamic qualities to the show every day. As an accomplished actor, devoted husband and father, Jerry will bring a unique and entertaining perspective to the conversation.

What does O'Connell's family think about his new gig? The actor explained how excited his twin daughters Dolly and Charlie, 14, were for him. O'Connell said:

I think they're very excited. My whole family is very excited. You know, it's an exciting time. It's something new, you know, I don’t want to say it's scary, but it's new so it's a change. And change is good. You have to do things that scare you, that shake it up a bit, and this is definitely shaking it up

Watch his discussion below.