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Mishael Morgan Dishes Amanda's Next Steps on The Young And The Restless

Mishael Morgan

Mishael Morgan

The Young and the Restless' Mishael Morgan (Amanda) is thrilled to see her character thriving personally and professionally in Genoa City. The ace attorney has found love with Devon (Bryton James) and is working her legal magic for her long-lost family. What's to come for Amanda? Morgan chatted to Global TV.

Against her initial impulses, Amanda has bonded with the Ames-Benedict clan. Morgan reflected:

But then I leaned into it, and it’s allowed me to get deep into Amanda’s psyche and define her, as a character. And I think it’s beautiful for the world to see that sometimes, no matter how much time has passed, blood is so thick that you can’t deny it. The bond will always be there.

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Working to defend her newfound grandfather Sutton Ames (Jack Landron) might allow Amanda to show another side of herself. Formerly an aspiring lawyer herself, Morgan said she hopes to film in a courtroom soon. She dished:

It’s my dream to be like, ‘I object!' I have to say that one time in my life… and I think it’s coming.

On the home front, Amanda is relatively solid in her relationship with Devon. But could trouble, in the form of Devon's ex Elena (Brytni Sarpy), be on the horizon? Morgan mused:

She’s so focused on her family, this case and all this other crazy stuff that she doesn’t have time for other women or additional drama in her life. I don’t think she’s thinking about Elena… at least not right now!