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Ted King Previews "Big Scenes" to Come on The Bold And The Beautiful

Ted King

Ted King will soon debut as Jack Finnegan on The Bold and the Beautiful, and the veteran soap star is excited about his new role. He spoke to Soap Opera Digest about what's to come for Finnegan Sr. in Los Angeles.

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King hit the ground running as Jack, teasing:

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I’ve had big scenes with a lot of people in them, so it’s been a bit of a whirlwind!

He's also bonded with his on-screen son, Tanner Novlan (Dr. John "Finn" Finnegan), and gotten physical while filming. He dished:

Tanner has been fantastic. He is just extremely easy to work with and have conversations with. We were thrown into a situation immediately playing father and son and I was trying to figure out the dynamic: ‘What kind of father is he to Finn?’ We are still figuring that out, but we exchanged some physicality with one another, which I think helps show what the relationship is like.

King is also figuring out Jack's relationship with his wife, Li (Naomi Matsuda). He shared of working with Matsuda:

She’s been a total pro. I think her first words to me were, ‘Hello, Husband,’ and I said, ‘Hello, Wife’ — and then you actually have to go and be those people! But she’s ready. Of course, we’re getting new scripts all the time and realizing, ‘Oh, this relationship is a lot more complicated than we thought it was when we first started,’ and that will play out as they write more.