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General Hospital's Laura Wright Opens Up About What Might Be Worrying Jason And Carly

Laura Wright

Reigning mob queen of Port Charles Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) is about to lock down her territory on General Hospital by wedding longtime BFF Jason Morgan (Steve Burton). But is this arrangement all business and no pleasure? Wright opened up to TV Insider about this engagement of (in)convenience.

Wright appreciated that their union came of an organic, historic relationship. She dished:

How Carly and Jason become engaged is so well done and they don’t go into it lightly. And I think a large part of it that, I hope, lays...because we were thinking about this the whole time we were doing it is, I think what scares them both about this arrangement is because the fear of their feelings that they’ve always had for each other that have turned into friendship, but was based on when they fell in love years ago when Sarah Brown was Carly, which makes me love the Jason-Carly relationship even more, because it came from an honest love Carly really had for Jason when no one else knew how to accept him.

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She added:

And not to mention, Carly loves Sonny [Maurice Benard] and Jason is in something with Britt [Kelly Thiebaud], so it’s not like this is convenient. Carly’s mourning and Jason was falling, so it's not convenient, but it's necessary for the safety of their family and existence in Port Charles.