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Perkie's Observations: Anna's Search for Peter Leads Her Close to Sonny on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for July 15, 2021
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Anna Devane, General Hospital

Finola Hughes

On today's General Hospital recap: The Metro Court has a new rooftop pool where Port Charles residents can indulge themselves. Curtis runs into Portia and things are awkward. Portia wants them to continue to be friends.

TJ questions Curtis and his feelings towards Portia. Curtis admits there was something, but that now he and Portia are just friends.

Brando and Gladys talk about Sasha and the baby. Carly overhears Gladys tell Brando to try to get a piece of the Corinthos pie. When alone, Carly tears a strip off of Gladys, who feels Brando deserves more. Gladys says Brando is the only real Corinthos left who wants a piece of the business, but Carly dismisses her.

Carly's not happy to see Joey at the hotel pool. He says the Novaks will make things difficult for the Corinthos organization and warns that he's not afraid of Jason.

Brando interrupts to offer his garage services to the Novak family, which smooths things over.

Carly tells Jason about the argument with Joey and how Brando stepped up. Jason warns her not to let Joey get to her.

Spinelli tells Jason that Ellie moved out and they're done. He says he likes working for Jason and his life doesn't match up with hers anymore. Jason brings up his marriage to Carly and Spinelli says he understands it's for optic purposes.

Maxie tells Sasha that she's taking a leave of absence. Talk turns to her pregnancy and Sasha admits she's nervous having Brando as the baby's father, seeing how close his ties are to the Corinthos. Maxie says Brando is a good guy and is free to be who he wants to be.

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Maxie asks Spinelli to keep Georgie while she leaves town with James. Spinelli tells her that he and Ellie are separated and Maxie should bring Georgie with her.

Sasha overhears Gladys happily tell Brando that he could soon be Jason's right hand man.

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Nina summons Brook Lynn and tells her that Maxie told her the secret. Nina's angry with BLQ, but she explains to Nina how this came about from her perspective. Nina complains about BLQ's treatment of Valentin and wonders why he hasn't been told the truth.

Brook Lynn says that it's Maxie's call and hopes Valentin understands why they did it. Nina believes Valentin will do everything to protect the baby from Peter. Brook Lynn says if Valentin knows the truth, he'll tell Charlotte, which will be an issue. Nina promises not to tell Valentin.

In New York City, Valentin and Anna follow their lead on the pilot to New York Methodist. Valentin brings up his feelings for her, but they're interrupted before they can discuss it further.

The Nixon Falls group are also at New York Methodist to run some tests for Lenny's pain. Sonny thinks Nina needs to know what's going on, but Phyllis wants to wait. Lenny is taken for tests.

Sonny spots a cap on the floor, similar to what his father used to wear and has a memory of talking to Mike.

At the hospital, Anna leaves to get information and Valentin runs into Phyllis. (He doesn't seem to recognize her name when she introduces herself, but I thought he knew who Nina's friend was???)

Anna and Sonny end up on opposite sides of the same door. Duh, duh, duh. (Will they see each other? Doubtful since that would make this incredibly boring NF's story interesting).

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