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Perkie's Observations: The Quartermaines Circle the Wagons Against Austin on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for July 16, 2021
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Ned Quartermaine, General Hospital

Wally Kurth

On today's General Hospital recap: Valentin tells Phyllis that Nina is his ex-wife and introduces himself. Phyllis recognizes the name and gets frosty with him. Valentin apologizes for how he treated Nina and thanks Phyllis for taking care of her in Nixon Falls.

Anna walks away from the door before she and Sonny see each other. Anna finds out where the pilot is hanging out, and she and Valentin head off to talk to him.

Jason tells Carly he thinks it's a good idea to bring Brando into the organization. Sam interrupts to talk to Jason. Jason apologizes for not telling her about the wedding personally.

He asks about Danny and Sam says it's on him to talk to his son, since she knows none of the details. Sam questions Jason's feelings for Carly and he claims they came together over their shared loss. Sam says she knows Carly has always been number one with him.

Carly talks to Maxie about the kidnapping. She says she knows what Maxie is going through since Michael was taken as a baby. Carly offers her shoulder to cry on.

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Sam admits to Maxie that she's at peace with the Jarly marriage. When Sam makes a comment, it makes Maxie wonder if there is a man involved. Sam admits she and this guy kissed, but it's nothing. Maxie tells Sam that Ellie left Spinelli and asks her to look after him while she's in Texas.

Dante runs into Chase at the pool. Dante wants Chase back to work, but Chase shows him he can still only move his toes. Dante mentions having women issues and Chase is determined to find out more. Dante says it was just a kiss and nothing more.

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Brando asks Sasha to join him at the pool and wonders why they haven't connected lately. Brando thinks Sasha doesn't want him in the baby's life. Sasha draws a line in the sand, saying if he's going to work for the mob, she'll raise the baby by herself.

Nina comes by to pick up Wiley for a pool date and hangs out with Willow while she waits. Willow tells her they talk to Wiley about Grandma Nina all the time. Carly shows up and Nina offers to have her join them at the pool. Carly leaves, allowing Nina time alone with Wiley.

Ned says his lawyers are checking out Austin's claim. He says they have to accept that Austin might be a Quartermaine. Brook Lynn doesn't think this means Austin is entitled to a piece of the pie. She thinks Austin is shaking them down.

Ned says when Jimmy Lee left town, Edward washed his hands of him and changed his will to say he would get nothing. Michael feels they should play nice with Austin. Brook Lynn is worried about Austin, but Ned says there's no evidence of any threat from Austin.

Monica finds Austin looking at the hospital wall of fame, which includes Alan. She thinks he's trying to pull a fast one on them. Austin tells her to give him a chance. Austin says Jimmy Lee talked about Edward in his dying days. He says he's part of the family, no matter what the Quartermaines say.

Jason shows up and Monica tells him about Austin. Jason offers to have him checked out. Austin questions Jason about ELQ. Jason says he'll protect the family and the company.

Lenny returns with his test results. He tells Sonny and Phyllis he has pancreatic cancer. Sonny calls Nina and says they need her back home. He asks her when she can return.

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