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General Hospital's Maurice Benard Teases "Fireworks" on Sonny's Return

Maurice Benard, General Hospital

General Hospital's Maurice Benard is living it up in Nixon Falls as amnesiac Sonny-as-Mike. Meanwhile, unsuspecting "widow" Carly (Laura Wright) is about to wed Sonny's right-hand man, Jason (Steve Burton). 

How will the Dimpled Don react if he gets his memory back, comes back to town, and sees the two people closest to him married? Benard dished to Michael Fairman TV about the possibility.

Will Sonny be quick to forgive Jason and Carly if he discovers the truth? Benard teased:

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No. I would say not. The thing about Sonny is that it’s what Sonny does best, or what I do playing him best, is betrayal. So, for him, this is not a good thing. I would assume he’s just going to go, 'What the…' and all hell is going to break loose.

He added:

It’s going to be a great fight when Sonny does return.

Of fan speculation on Sonny's return, Benard noted:

Well, however it goes, I would say, just let them just watch the fireworks as they unfold.