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Raven Bowens Discusses Bringing Chanel's Sexual Fluidity to Life on Days of Our Lives

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Days of Our Lives newcomer Raven Bowens is settling in to her role as Chanel. While her character is appalled by mom Paulina's (Jackée Harry) corporate ruthlessness, Chanel has also been competing with Tripp (Lucas Adams) over Allie's (Lindsay Arnold) affections. The actress spoke to Soap Opera Digest about Ms. Dupree's sexual fluidity and showing different sides to herself.

Bowens is enjoying playing Chanel's complex character, noting: 

When they originally sent the offer over, they let us know that that was something that had changed from when I originally tested. They asked a bunch of times if I would be comfortable with it. I was like, ‘Yeah.’ I didn’t understand what the big deal was. To me, it’s acting and it’s real people’s stories and that’s what I’m in the business to do. I’ve never played a character that was sexually fluid but I love that they’re doing it on daytime. It can be a little bit taboo to certain people in that regard, but I love it. At the end of the day, Chanel has many things about her that are unique and that’s a part of what drives her but it’s not the whole her.

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We've seen Chanel scheming to get what she wants, but she's not a one-dimensional charcter. Bowens said:

I’ve been digging in and doing all this work with my acting coach on Chanel. In the beginning, it was, ‘Let’s go in there, let’s make sure we’re making bold choices, that I’m having that life-of-the-party kind of attitude that Chanel has, that I am willing to show the vulnerability that Chanel also has.’ I think the longer I’ve been on, the more colors I’ve been able to show. The writing is phenomenal and it gives me a lot to work with and does allow me to show all the different sides of her. The longer I’m doing it, the deeper I’m able to make her.