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Perkie's Observations: Shawn's Freedom Complicates Nikolas' Life on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for July 20, 2021
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Shawn Butler, General Hospital

Sean Blakemore

On today's General Hospital recap: Spencer tells Cameron and Joss he's back in town for good. Spencer gets a little flirty with Joss, so she pushes him into the pool to cool off. Joss introduces Trina to Spencer, both pretending not to have already met, though Trina is seriously angry.

When they're alone, Spencer apologizes to Trina, but she wants an explanation. Spencer says he lied because he didn't want Nikolas to know he was in town. He's back because of the divorce and asks if Trina can forgive him for lying to her. Trina warns him never to lie to her again.

Anna insists the pilot tell her what happened to Peter. The pilot says the hospital didn't give him clearance to land so he couldn't. He says Peter wasn't alone on the roof. Anna asks for a description of this other person. The pilot describes the person as a male in a suit. Police arrive to arrest the pilot for aiding Peter in his crimes.

Valentin figures the other person on the roof could be another of Peter's allies. Anna feels something doesn't add up.

Finn continues to worry about Popsicle Pete, but Liz says she doesn't feel badly for what happened. Liz wonders how to get Peter out of the basement now that the cameras in the stairwells are working again.

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Finn thinks they should use a gurney and body bag to get Peter out and into the local landfill. Finn's worried about the repercussions on Violet if police find out he killed Peter. Liz believes they're in the clear since no one has come forward. Liz says they'll deal with this together.

Alexis and Shawn hang out at the PCPD waiting to find out their future. Laura tells them the Attorney General called to say she's making the case against Judge Carson her top priority.

Laura says the AG and the Governor are upset about the press involved, but they have to wait and see how it shakes out. Jordan gets a call from the AG that Alexis's sentence will continue, but not at Pentonville. Jordan says she'll be sent to a safer facility.

Laura gets a call from the governor that Judge Carson's case made the national press and Shawn's case is now his priority. Laura says the governor has commuted Shawn's sentence to time served, making him a free man.

TJ and Molly are celebrating their graduation, which is interrupted by Nikolas. Nikolas asks about Alexis and Molly explains about the case against Judge Carson. TJ mentions Shawn and Nikolas asks if he'll be released. Nikolas looks a little uncomfortable when TJ and Molly explain that Diane is having Hayden's shooting reopened to prove it wasn't Shawn.

TJ is thrilled when Shawn arrives to tell him he's been released. Nikolas however, not so much, especially when Shawn says he's determined to find out who really tried to kill Hayden.

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