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Perkie's Observations: Maxie Says Goodbye to Her Baby on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for July 19, 2021
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Maxie Jones, General Hospital

On today's General Hospital recap: Sonny tells Nina that Lenny is sick and doesn't have much time. He tells Nina about the tumor and she offers to help with the cost. Sonny says they're heading back to NF tomorrow and Nina agrees to join them there.

Lenny says they can't afford his treatment, but Sonny says they have it covered. Phyllis realizes he called Nina. Lenny's not happy, but Phyllis is glad Sonny made the call. Lenny refuses any money from Nina, but Sonny says he and Nina owe them and he wants to repay his debt. He says they’ll fight this cancer together (Because everything is about Sonny, including someone else's cancer)

Maxie joins Brook Lynn for Bailey's medical checkup and run into Austin. Maxie's surprised when Brook Lynn is dismissive of Austin and his claims. Alone, Maxie questions why Austin moved to Port Charles and he explains how he is Quartermaine.

Maxie worries about Austin, but Brook Lynn tells her not to worry because he was unconscious the night the baby was taken. Maxie has a final moment with the baby before she leaves for Texas.

Spencer and Nik enjoy a meal together. Ava arrives and Nikolas tells her that he's agreed to the divorce, but that it will take six weeks to finalize. After Ava leaves, Spencer mentions the stalking and how someone sent her a cockroach. Nik wonders how Spencer knows about that. Spencer claims he saw it online, but that it's been taken down.

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Austin runs into Ava who apologizes for dragging him into her marital drama the last time they were at the bar. Austin asks about her marriage and Ava explains about the stalker.

The teens take their turn at the poolside. Joss tells Trina about the kiss with Cameron. Cam asks about Victor and why they haven't seen anything about him. Trina claims Victor is private before she storms off. Spencer interrupts Cam and Joss' time together.

Willow sees that Nina is upset and she explains about a sick friend. Nina mentions Chase and how maybe a sibling for Wylie, but Willow shuts her down. Nina's thrilled when Willow says she'll continue to talk to Wylie about her while she's gone.

Anna and Valentin wait for the pilot to show up at the bar. When he shows up, Anna gets flirty with him trying to get information. He talks about his sister who died saving a baby then gets suspicious of Anna's interest.

When he gets handsy with Anna, Valentin muscles in and Anna says she wants to know about Peter. The pilot admits he was supposed to pick up Peter from the hospital and then pick up the women and Louise and take them somewhere. He says he never ended up picking up Peter and Anna wonders how Peter escaped.

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