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Perkie's Observations: Shawn Feels The Burn From Stella’s Wrath on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for July 21, 2021
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Stella Henry, General Hospital

Vernee Watson

On today's General Hospital recap: Ava's curious about Trina's new beau and admits there are issues. Trina says "Victor" lied to her, but defends him as well. Trina swears they're just friends. Ava tells her to take a chance, but to trust her instincts.

Terry's ready for a girls night out, but Portia isn't thrilled to hear they'll be going to Curtis' club. Portia works hard to convince Terry to go to the Metro Court instead, so Terri wants to know the truth. Portia explains about Curtis and her fear of losing his friendship.

Spinelli and Brando drown their sorrows at The Savoy. Spinelli explains about Ellie leaving him because of his alignment with the mob.

Brando talks to Curtis about Sasha's concern with his lifestyle. Curtis says she's just letting him know what she can and can't live with. Curtis tells Brando to speak to Sasha about what he wants.

Sasha runs into Michael. The two discuss the baby and Brando's role in their life. Sasha says she and Brando want different things for their lives. She says she's ready to be a single mom. Michael says he considers them friends and offers to be there if she needs him.

Willow finds Chase in physical therapy. Chase takes a fall when he tries to stand and walk. Chase feels badly for their situation, saying they can't even be a real husband and wife. Willow tries to reassure him, but he just snaps at her.

Sasha checks in on Chase. He complains to her about Willow and how he thinks she's keeping something from him. Chase says Willow is now stuck with him and she's holding back. Sasha says Willow is scared and trying to protect him.

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Willow tells Michael about Chase lashing out at her over his lack of progress at PT. Michael says Chase will improve and she's doing a good job supporting him. Willow worries about how long she will keep Michael waiting for her. Michael understands her commitment to Chase, but promises to wait for her.

Shawn tells Jordan he's determined to find out who tried to kill Hayden. Nikolas interrupts to ask if the PCPD has found anything on Ava's stalker. Stella interrupts them to yell at Shawn for killing Thomas.

When Shawn and Stella step away to talk, Nikolas continues to question Jordan about the stalker. Jordan warns him to stay out of the investigation.

Stella argues with Shawn that Thomas isn't here to be a father to TJ. Shawn says he's TJ's father as well. Stella blames Shawn for Thomas' death and for cheating with Jordan, which lead up to it. Jordan arrives to break up the argument and Stella warns Shawn to stay out of her way.

Jordan questions Stella about telling Portia to back away from Curtis. Stella says she was trying to give Jordan a chance to get back with him.

Britt runs into Spencer at the pool and the two get reconnected. She pushes him to rebuild his relationship with Nikolas. Britt brings up the stalker, but Spencer's not concerned and mentions the gifts have stopped now that they're getting divorced.

Spencer has Nikolas meet him so he and Britt can talk. Nikolas apologizes to Britt for accusing her of being the stalker.

Alone, Chase manages to stand on his own.

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