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Dan Feuerriegel Talks Stefano Being EJ's Guiding Light on Days of Our Lives

Dan Feuerriegel

Days of Our LivesDan Feuerriegel (EJ) is seeing his character live up to the DiMera legacy in Salem. And while one key player of the clan isn't there, as papa Stefano (the late Joseph Mascolo) is in the wind, EJ still looks to his father for (metaphorical) advice. Feuerriegel explained to Soap Hub how the Phoenix continues to inspire EJ through that ubiquitous portrait in the family mansion. 

He dished:

Every time I had to look up at the portrait, they were explaining, 'This is what it is. This is what he used to do. And you used to [respond] like this.' It’s a constant kind of historical review. Sometimes I’ll say something, and Ali [Sweeney, Sami] will be like, 'No, it was this.' There’s been so much history with a lot of the characters. They just let me know that Stefano means a great deal to EJ, and he does not want to let him down. That’s the primary motivating factor.

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The Aussie actor added:

Every time you’re in the DiMera mansion, you just look up and you’re like, There he is. There he is watching down on us. It kind of gives you that [feeling of], All right, this is what I’m doing. You can use it in scenes. If you’re talking about him, you can look up, put your arm up and kind of point toward it. It’s a nice little reminder of the history of the show and the character. You can bring that history into it every time you refer to it.