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On Eve of Judge Judy Finale, Judith Sheindlin Talks Success And New Gig

Judith Sheindlin, Judge Judy

As the sun sets on Judge Judy—its final new episode airs July 23— Judith Sheindlin is looking forward to a bright new dawn. After 25 years, she's moving on to Amazon, and Sheindlin explained what about her demeanor has made her such an enduring success.

She told the New York Daily News:

Early on I’m in a store and I heard one lady say, ‘I watch Judge Judy but I don’t understand what it is about her.’ Her friend said, ‘She doesn’t drone on. She gets to the point.’ I told myself, ‘I’m no entertainer. I’m a judge on the bench. I don’t care whether people like me or not as long as they watch.

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My personality’s natural to me even if you don’t think it’s a judicial demeanor. Others with judicial demeanors tried this type show. They’re all off the air. I’m about what justice feels, tastes and smells like. A bad guy, I’m prepared to dress you down. Nobody thought Alan Alda really did surgery on ‘MASH.’ He was convincing. But his was a TV program. Mine’s justice.

What can she say about her new gig, Judy Justice? Sheindlin quipped:

I’ve chosen a different robe color, I’ve eliminated the lace collar, and I’m contractually bound not to say anything else.