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Perkie's Observations: Jordan Spies a Kiss Between Curtis and Portia on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for July 22, 2021
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Donnell Turner, Brook Kerr, Briana Nicole Henry

Donnell Turner, Brook Kerr, Briana Nicole Henry

On today's General Hospital recap: Stella questions why Jordan's giving up without a fight. Jordan says she wants what's best for Curtis. Stella questions whether Jordan's quitting her marriage because she feels guilty. Stella insists that Jordan fight for Curtis, but she feels it's too late.

Stella brings up the divorce papers and how she hasn't signed them yet. Jordan says she tried to save the marriage, but Curtis wanted out. Stella convinces Jordan to discuss it with Curtis tonight.

Curtis is happy to see Portia show up for the club opening. Portia promises honesty, but ends up talking in circles which confuses Curtis. Portia says she believes he's still on the rebound and trying to rewrite history. Curtis says this isn't a continuation of their first time together. Portia admits she wants to try and the two kiss just as Jordan arrives to see it.

Anna updates Dante about the pilot and how there was another person on the roof with Peter. Anna wants him to keep that information confidential. Dante wonders why she's working so closely with Valentin.

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Anna defends Valentin. The two go through who the possible suspects could be. Anna decides to check in with Monica while Dante agrees to go over whatever video footage they do have to find someone fitting the description.

Gladys complains to Olivia, with Sam in earshot, about Carly's lack of attention towards Brando. Sam snarks her out and Gladys storms off. Olivia tells Sam about Austin being a Quartermaine. Olivia brings up the Fourth of July and Sam wonders what Dante told her.

Dante walks up as Olivia is questioning Sam. He tells his mother about the pier and how he fell into the water. Alone, Sam thanks Dante for not saying anything about their kiss and he says he doesn't want anyone knowing about it. Sam wonders if he's embarrassed by their kiss. (And then they decided to pass notes during History class about meeting under the bleachers at recess!)

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Dante says he doesn't regret it, but she's been avoiding him since. Sam denies this, saying she only told Maxie she kissed someone. The two claim neither feels "that way" about the other.

Brando meets with Sasha and says he doesn't want the mob world for their baby. Brando says he wants them to be a family. Gladys finds them and complains how Carly won't offer Brando a job. Brando says he would turn it down anyway. He claims all he wants is Sasha and the baby, which does not amuse Gladys.

Brook Lynn asks Valentin about his work with Anna. He explains about their difficult past, but now they work well together. Brook Lynn feels the need to tell Valentin something, just as Chase arrives for a visit and interrupts. Chase tells her how well things are going in therapy. Brook Lynn is just grateful to see him happy again.

Finn continues to worry about Peter, but Liz says he rid the city of a monster. Finn says monsters never die . . . they just haunt you forever. Liz is determined to find a way out of this.

Anna doesn't find Monica, but comes across Liz and asks for a list of all the staff who were working the night Peter disappeared. When Finn shows up, Anna mentions her search for Peter has brought her back to General Hospital.

Anna wonders if she should have just killed Peter when she had the chance, but Finn says she wouldn't be able to live with it. Before Finn can say anything more, Liz interrupts with the list Anna wants

Anna gets a look on her face, as if she's figuring things out. Valentin calls for an update and Anna tells him they're looking for Peter's ally when they should be looking for his enemy.

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