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Perkie's Observations: Jason Offers to Help Liz With Her Peter Problem on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for July 23, 2021
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Jason Morgan, Elizabeth Webber, General Hospital

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On today's General Hospital recap: Nikolas and Ava run into each other at the pool, but they end up going their separate ways. Trina tells Spencer that Nava are miserable and they belong together. Spencer brings up the stalker and says the gifts have stopped now that Nava are no longer together. Spencer says he's not a fan of Ava's and doesn't want them together.

Trina is determined to get them back together. She sends Nikolas a drink supposedly from Ava, then sends Ava a drink supposedly from Nikolas. Ava gets her signals crossed and thinks the drink is from Austin and thanks him. Austin denies it and Ava is confused when Nikolas thanks her for his drink. Spencer clears things up by telling them Trina orchestrated the whole thing. Trina apologizes and takes off. Ava dismisses Nikolas and goes off with Austin.

Jason runs into Britt at the hospital and reminds her that he's here if she needs him, but she dismisses him.

Britt tells Austin she wants his support for the Chief of Staff position. Britt promises to give him whatever he needs in exchange.

Jason tells Monica he did a deep dive into Austin and found out he's legit. Monica brings up the engagement and how hurt she is over what Carly did to AJ. Monica says it's been hard for her because Carly essentially destroyed AJ. Jason counters he wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Carly. (Well, technically you wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Ava because she's the one who saved your stupid ass from that Russian clinic. But potato, potahto, I guess.) Jason admits they were all wrong all those years ago and understands AJ's actions. Jason says he understands Monica's feelings, but asks if she's able to accept it. Monica only wants Jason's happiness and Jason says the marriage is what he wants.

Terry and Britt go a couple of rounds about the Chief of Staff position. Britt asks Terry to drop out of the race, but she says she wants what's best for the hospital. Monica interrupts the argument to tell them who is getting the position.

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Sam is happy that Alexis will be going to a friendlier facility, though Alexis feels it's still prison. Shawn arrives to tell her all the paperwork is done and he's a free man. He says he's planning on making sure whoever shot Hayden is brought to justice. Shawn asks for Sam's help.

In Nixon Falls, Phyllis is annoyed with Lenny for overexerting himself when he has exploratory surgery coming up. Everyone is thrilled when Nina returns. Lenny thanks Nina for pulling strings and getting his surgery scheduled sooner.

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Lenny says he understands that pancreatic cancer is often a death sentence and doesn't want anyone to give Phyllis false hope. Lenny asks Nina to make sure to help Phyllis let go when the time comes. Nina tells Sonny she's back for as long as she's needed.

Anna feels they should be looking for an enemy of Peter's and not an ally. Anna believes the person on the roof with Peter took him out, which explains his disappearance. Valentin figures she knows Finn is responsible for doing something to Peter.

Terry overhears Finn and Liz talk about Peter, but Liz covers by saying that Anna has hit a dead end. Terry asks for their support for Chief of Staff. Later, Liz tells Finn if Terry becomes Chief of Staff she can turn off the cameras so they can get rid of Peter. Finn disagrees.

Liz says she doesn't want Finn to turn himself in to protect her, but he says he doesn't want her DNA found on Peter's body. Finn never wants the body to be found and Liz thinks this means asking Jason for help.

Jason happens to be strolling by (doop de doop de doo!!) as Finn says doesn't want to involve Jason. Liz counters he never gets caught and it's literally his job to get rid of the problem. Liz says Jason can get rid of the Peter issue.

Jordan escorts Alexis to the new facility. Alexis is shocked to see Ryan there.

Anna shows up to talk to Finn.

Jason confronts Liz and tells her what he heard. He assures her he can help clean up any mess.

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