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Perkie’s Observations: Liz and Finn Confess to Jason and Anna on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for July 26, 2021
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Elizabeth Webber, Hamilton Finn, Anna Devane, General Hospital

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On today's General Hospital recap: Sonny and Nina get caught up. Sonny mentions how he almost went to Port Charles to see her, but stopped himself. Nina talks about Wiley and the second chance she's been given. Sonny asks about her ex, but she says when she's not in PC, she doesn't think about Jax. 

Nina admits she thinks about "Mike" all the time, but doesn't know how to make a life in NF. Nina says she doesn't want her life from PC to come and take what she has with him. Sonny admits that he also is fine with giving up his old life for a life with Nina. The two share a dance and a kiss.

Sam and Shawn hang out by the pool. Jax shows up, and he and Sam make small talk. When Shawn walks up, Jax gets a little snarky and comments that Hayden's shooter needs to be in jail. Sam tells Jax that Shawn wasn't the one who shot Hayden. (Sam should know since the original story from way back when is that she, Drew, and Curtis all knew that Nikolas was the one who hired the hitman who shot Hayden. But show has forgotten, doesn't care, or needs to rewrite this so that their square peg fits in the round hole.)

Shawn explains how he went to prison and tells Jax he's determined to find who shot Hayden. Sam says they need Jax's help in finding out where Hayden is hiding out so she can tell them who it was. Jax says he tried to find Hayden when she first left, but lost all communication. Jax tells them to check with Liz and Nikolas.

Alexis talks to a non-communicative Ryan, wondering how he ended up in this facility. She tries to test him as Nikolas arrives to visit.

Nikolas tells Alexis about the end of his marriage and the stalker. Alexis points out that Ryan couldn't possibly be the stalker. Nikolas thinks it could be someone trying to impress Ryan. Alexis offers to keep an eye on Ryan as we see Ryan smirking in the background.

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Monica says Britt and Terry are the final two up for the Chief of Staff position. The two continue to argue about Cyrus and whether Britt was looking the other way regarding the drugs.

Monica tells them they’re both Chief of Staff and will share the position. Britt gets into a snit and storms out. Monica tells Terry that it's an all or nothing situation, so Terry agrees to convince Britt to co-chief with her.

Jason demands that Liz tell him what happened to Peter and says he wants to help her. He tells her he'll accept any risk. Liz admits that Peter’s dead and explains what happened. She tells Jason the body is in the freezer and he says he'll make all of it go away. 

Anna updates Finn on what she knows about the pilot, the missing baby, and Peter. Anna tells Finn her theory about the man on the roof being an adversary who had it out with Peter. Anna says the pilot’s in custody and the police will end up at the hospital just like she is. Anna tells him she knows he was on the roof with Peter and asks what happened. Finn offers to show her.

GH’s head of security tells Monica the alarms on the new security cameras are sounding.

Jason finds the freezer in the sub-basement.

Finn brings Anna down to the basement and tells her that Peter is in the freezer. (Clearly, the body won't be in the freezer when they open it, but did Jason take it out or was it gone when Jason got there? PS, we don't get previews here, so if that question was answered in the previews, never mind!!)

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