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Perkie's Observations: Anna and Finn Discover Peter's Body Is Missing on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for July 27, 2021
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Anna Devane, General Hospital

Finola Hughes

On today's General Hospital recap: Finn admits to Anna that he killed Peter and is in the freezer. Finn explains what happened the night Peter died. Anna asks why Finn didn't come to her, but he says he is worried about Violet. Anna asks how Finn got Peter into the freezer and figures he couldn't have done it alone. Finn claims there was no one else.

Liz asks Scotty about justifiable homicide, for a friend. Scotty tells her that if she knows about a death, then it makes her an accessory to murder. Liz asks for Scotty's help, but he says it would be a conflict of interest. He asks for details so he can help her out of her mess. Liz claims others will suffer if she comes forward. Scotty pushes to know who, though he has an idea. Liz says she won't turn on her friend. Scotty advises her to keep quiet because justifiable homicide doesn't count here. He tells her to call him if the police show up.

Spencer joins Joss and Carly at the pool and offers his condolences on Sonny's passing. Spencer also approves of Carly and Jason's marriage. Spencer brings up that Joss and Cameron are dating, which Carly had no idea about. Joss tosses him in the pool. Carly asks Joss about Cameron, and she admits they've only started seeing each other.

Trina questions Portia's whereabouts the night before and she admits she was at The Savoy with Curtis. Portia says she enjoys Curtis' company and wonders how Trina feels about it. Trina says she just wants her mother to be happy. Portia says she has feelings for him and wants to see where it's going. Trina asks if Jordan knows, since they're friends. Portia says she doesn't want to hurt Jordan and hopes they keep their friendship.

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Shawn asks Curtis to help him find out who shot Hayden. Curtis says he'll check his old records to see what he can find. Curtis asks what Shawn has planned after he finds Hayden's shooter. He says he could use someone like Shawn at The Savoy.

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Curtis says he's looking for a manager he can trust. Shawn doesn't know his long term plans and wants to be his own boss. Curtis says he could still use him until he figures out his plans, so Shawn accepts.

Curtis stops in to see Portia, who tells him that Trina's okay with them dating. Curtis says he needs to tell Jordan about them before she finds out from someone else.

Stella asks Jordan what she's doing to salvage her marriage before she loses Curtis completely. Jordan doesn't want to discuss it and tells Stella that she saw Curtis and Portia kissing. Stella thinks she should have a talk with both, but Jordan tells her that Curtis has moved on. Stella watches as Jordan signs the divorce papers and gets them ready for delivery. When Jordan's not looking, Stella takes the papers.

Carly and Shawn get reacquainted. She says he has a place still in the organization, but Shawn says he'll be working at The Savoy with Curtis.

Anna and Finn open the freezer and find it empty.

Liz tells Jason that she thinks Anna knows the truth and asks if he got rid of Peter's body. Jason says there was no body in the freezer. 

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