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Jerry O'Connell Discusses The Special Something He Brings to The Talk

Jerry O'Connell

Incoming The Talk co-host Jerry O’Connell made headlines with his new gig. The actor spilled to Entertainment Tonight about how excited he is with the job and previewed what fans can expect from him.

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What special something does he bring to the show? He added:

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What I think I enhance at The Talk is just, us having fun. If somebody says something, or has a story that remotely makes me laugh, or that I think is funny or interesting, we're gonna hammer that. We're gonna go right in there. I think it's mostly about us breaking down the stories and having a good time while doing it.

Will O'Connell open up about his marriage to Rebecca Romijn on the talk show? He quipped:

I'm trying to stay married. I'm hoping that my stint here on The Talk doesn't split us apart. That would be a bummer.

He added about his kids:

With social media, they're up on it all...they read comments and they're like, 'Dad, why did you say that?' Yeah, certain things are off-limits, especially when you have daughters. I can't be a complete open book.