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Perkie's Observations: The PCPD Finds Blood at The Scene While Others Regroup on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for July 28, 2021
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Jordan Ashford, General Hospital

Briana Nicole Henry

On today's General Hospital recap: Anna wants complete honesty from Finn and demands to know who else knew that Peter's body was in the freezer. Finn says no one else knew, but Anna says someone could have seen him and moved the body to protect him. Anna asks if Finn is certain that Peter was dead.

Liz wonders if Anna took Peter out of the freezer, but Jason says someone would have seen it since he only had Spinelli disable the cameras in order for him to go down into the basement. Liz is certain Finn told Anna the truth, but Jason knows that he beat Anna down to the basement.

Liz wants to know if someone found the body, then why they didn't contact her? Jason says Peter had a lot of enemies and maybe someone is trying to protect her. Jason gets a text from Spinelli that no one took the elevator down to the basement before he did.

Liz says the cameras stayed off for a few weeks after Cyrus was arrested and Jason says there is no way to know if anyone took Peter's body out of the freezer before now. Jason has Liz run through the sequence of events that night and Liz insists Peter was dead. Jason thinks if it's possible that Peter wasn't dead and he escaped. Jason also wonders if someone saw them put Peter in the freezer and took his body out.

Brando tells Sasha he told Carly he wouldn't be joining the family business. Sasha's curious about where they go from here. He thinks they need to get to know each other better before the baby arrives.

Laura wants to celebrate Carly's engagement to Jason. Gladys interrupts to ask about her invitation to the wedding. Gladys says her precious cousin Sonny would want people at the wedding who remember him fondly and aren't dancing on his grave.

Brando interrupts and Gladys snarks him out for not joining the family business, so he drags her away. Gladys talks to Sasha about the baby and Sasha mentions how much Brando will be helping. Gladys says there is no room for Sasha and the baby, but Brando says it's time for his mother to move out. Brando wants her room for the baby and he won't be paying her rent anymore. Brando tells his mother to get a job. Gladys is not happy, saying she has a limited skill set, but Sasha offers to hire her at Deception as an assistant.

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Laura wonders if Carly is having second thoughts because of what Gladys said, but Carly says marriage to Jason makes sense. She admits that she misses Sonny, which Laura says she understands. She says it makes sense for Carly and Jason to become more now that Sonny is gone. Laura says marriages between friends are often the ones that work out the best, pointing to her and Kevin as an example. Carly worries that she's moving on too quickly after Sonny's untimely demise, but Laura feels he would be grateful that Jason is there for her.

Trina tells Joss that Portia's dating Curtis and is weirded out by it. Trina wonders if they've been involved earlier and if Curtis cheated on Jordan. Trina worries that Curtis could hurt Portia the same way.

Portia tells Curtis he's important enough for her to have told Trina about them. Curtis wonders how much Trina has been told and if she knows about their affair years ago. Portia doesn't think Trina needs to know, but Curtis doesn't like secrets. The two argue about it, but in the end, Portia doesn't agree with telling Trina.

Dante and Jordan discuss Peter's case and wonder what Anna is doing as a follow up to arresting the pilot. Jordan gets a call from Monica about a problem with the same security cameras at the hospital.

The two head to GH to check things out and access the basement where they run into Finn and Anna. Anna claims she followed leads to the basement and Finn claims he was helping her.

Dante finds a spot of blood on the floor by the freezer. Jordan tells them it's now a crime scene and not to touch anything. Anna says they already did, so the techs are going to need to know to exclude her and Finn's DNA. Anna tells Finn there's still a possibility that Peter survived and escaped

Finn finds Liz and Jason and tells them the PCPD are investigating and no one knows she was involved.

Dante tells Jordan and Anna he found more blood in the corridor. Jordan says her first step is finding the man who was on the roof with Peter.

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