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Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman Remake Heads to TBS

Mary Hartman

Emily Hampshire, Louise Lasser

Legendary television writer and producer Norman Lear's remake of his soap spoof series Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman has found a home. The 70s cult classic has garnered a script development by TBS, according to Variety. The show stars Schitt’s Creek'Emily Hampshire in the title role, who will also write the script with Jacob Tierney (Letterkenny).

Lear, who is celebrating his 99th birthday, said in a released statement:

The kick of kicks as I turn 99 today is learning that TBS is developing ‘MHMH’ and will allow us to make a new version of it starring Emily Hampshire. As someone who believes his 99 years on this planet is owed to the amount of laughter he enjoyed through the years, here’s to the next 99. Bless you all!

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Lear and his Act III productions partner Brent Miller, Hampshire, and Tierney will all serve as executive producers, which come from Sony Pictures Television, where Lear's company has an overall deal. The original Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, which ran for two seasons and had over 300 episodes in syndication, starred Louise Lasser in the title role as a small-town Ohio housewife who dealt with the bizarre incidents taking place all around her.

In the updated version, a small-town woman feels like a nobody in every facet of her life until she suddenly becomes a "verified" social media somebody, once her nervous breakdown goes viral.