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Perkie's Observations: Sam Wants All The Tea From Liz About Hayden on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for July 29, 2021
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Samantha McCall, General Hospital

Kelly Monaco

On today's General Hospital recap: Liz catches Joss and Cameron kissing, and Joss takes off. Cameron admits to his mother he and Joss are an item. He says this is something he would have discussed with Franco. Cameron says Franco would want them to be happy and Liz has a memory of her talk with Finn.

Spencer interrupts Ava and Trina at the pool. After Ava leaves, Trina says she's decided to try and find out who's been stalking Ava. Spencer offers to throw a party at Wyndemere, but when Cameron and Joss show up, Spencer seems to back down. Trina pushes the issue and Spencer agrees to the party.

Sam is surprised when Nikolas tells her when he visited Alexis he saw Ryan at the same facility. Nikolas says Ryan is not a threat, but Sam doesn't believe it. Sam tells Nikolas she was hired to find out who shot Hayden and wants Nikolas' help.

Nikolas says his relationship with Hayden was complicated, but he contacted her when he decided to return from the dead. He says he worked with Hayden and Jax, but she took off because she was scared of Valentin. Nikolas tells her that Hayden was toxic and to stop looking for trouble.

Chase stops by the mansion for Wiley's birthday party and Valentin says he owes Chase an apology. Chase points out that only Peter is responsible for what happened to him.

Brook Lynn talks to baby Bailey about letting Valentin get close to her despite the fact he isn't her father. Chase overhears Brook Lynn admit she can't get close to Bailey because she's not her real mother.

Brook Lynn covers, saying she doesn't feel like a real mother to the baby, but Chase reassures her. Chase complains about his own issues. He doesn't feel like a real husband to Willow. Brook Lynn complains she can't sing to the baby, so Chase takes Bailey and sings her a lullaby. (Josh Swickard and an adorably cute baby will blow up your ovaries!!)

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Dante wants to know why Anna is holding out on him since they're supposed to be sharing any information on Peter's case. Anna denies knowing anything more than she did yesterday. She asks about forensics and Dante says they picked up prints that are unusable. Anna says she's working with Valentin to find Peter, but Dante doesn't trust him and warns her to be careful.

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Anna tells Valentin that Finn was on the roof and he pushed Peter to his death in the stairwell. Anna explains that Finn dumped Peter's body in the freezer, but it's no longer there. Anna mentions all the blood, but Peter was removed dead or alive.

Valentin says they need to find Peter before the PCPD does. He believes Peter is alive and is somewhere hiding. He says he's ready to kill Peter so he's not a threat to anyone he loves.

Nikolas runs into Ava and she's upset that she can't see Avery until their divorce is final. Nikolas tells her he saw Ryan. He doesn't believe Ryan is capable of stalking or telling anyone about it. Ava says that makes things worse since they have no idea who the stalker is. The two share a hug, which Spencer sees.

Spencer checks in on Ava who is crying. Ava says she understands his anger towards her. Spencer says he knows that Ava and Nikolas love each other and wants to call a truce.

Dante and Olivia talk about taking Rocco to see Lulu in the next few days. Olivia's concerned with Dante seeing Lulu and wonders what's happening with Sam. Dante denies anything is going on with Sam, but Olivia says Lulu would want him to live his life. Dante admits he needs to start letting go of Lulu.

Sam tells Liz she needs to find Hayden. Sam wonders if there is something that Hayden might have told her that could be important. Liz has a memory of asking someone if they're behind the shooting. (Obviously, they couldn't show the flashback because it was Tyler Christopher as Nikolas at that time.) Liz denies knowing anything, but worries something's happened to Hayden. Liz fears that Hayden can't come back for Violet.

Liz calls Nikolas and tells him they need to talk about what he did to Hayden.

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