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Perkie's Observations: Spencer and Nikolas Manipulate Ava and Liz on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for July 30, 2021
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Spencer Cassadine, General Hospital

Nicholas Chavez

On today's General Hospital recap: Spencer wants a truce, but Ava reassures him that she's not in Nikolas' life anymore. Spencer says he saw them kiss, but she insists the marriage is over. Ava admits she and Nikolas fell in love, but she won't risk Avery's safety. When Spencer asks why she keeps sending Nikolas mixed signals, Ava denies it.

Spencer claims he's worried about Nikolas because the stalker is a legitimate threat. He asks Ava to help him protect his father. Ava says as long as they're apart, Nikolas will be safe and agrees to continue to push Nikolas away.

Jason wonders if Carly is nervous for them to appear as a couple at Wiley's birthday party. Carly admits she finds it hard to move on even though she knows they have to do this.

Michael and Willow spend time together before the party. Michael brings up the fact that it's also the anniversary of Jonah's death and it must be hard for her. Willow says she and Chase stopped by the cemetery. She adds that while she will always be grateful to Chase for helping her get through Jonah's death, she wished it had been Michael with her.

Willow promises next year they'll be together and the two kiss. Jason and Carly interrupt. Alone with Willow, Carly questions her feelings for Michael. Willow insists she's staying with Chase, but Carly says she knows that Willow loves Michael and others will notice it. Willow admits that it's hard to hide her feelings.

Michael admits to Jason that he and Willow love each other and she's just with Chase until he gets better.

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Brook Lynn is not amused when Austin shows up for the birthday party. Monica however, is more welcoming. Valentin asks if Austin has been legitimized as a Quartermaine, but Monica says they're still waiting for results.

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Brook Lynn drags Valentin off to complain that he's getting too cozy with Austin. Valentin thinks Brook Lynn is worried that Austin will side with him against the family. Brook Lynn says she finds Austin shady.

Alone with Chase, Austin asks if he should be worried about the Quartermaine clan. Chase admits the Quartermaines are intense, but protect their own. Brook Lynn returns as Austin is asking Chase about the search for Louise. Austin admits he's had strange dreams about that night. He says after he was hit on the head, he heard two women talking. Brook Lynn looks very worried.

Valentin wants to have lunch with Austin to discuss ELQ business. Michael tells Austin that ELQ is a family company and should not be run by Valentin.

Chase heads off to a room alone to stand from his chair. He takes a couple of steps, which Austin witnesses.

Sam tells Shawn she got nothing from Liz. Shawn says he hasn't been able to find Hayden's mother. Sam mentions how Shawn was supposed to kill Drew that night. He admits he was doing a job for Sonny. Sam says he should give up this search and start his life. Shawn feels he needs to find this person first.

Liz tells Nikolas that Sam was asking about Hayden's shooting. Liz says she remembers that Nikolas told her that he had Hayden shot to protect her. Nikolas claims he was lying and we get a remade flashback of Nikolas saying he loves Liz and that's why he lied to her. Liz wants honesty from him and demands to know if he did shoot Hayden.
Nikolas denies it and Liz wonders who did the shooting. Nikolas reminds her that Hayden was not a good person and could have had any number of enemies. Nikolas tells Liz to put that time behind her.

A woman stops by Jonah's grave. The same woman shows up at the Quartermaines (Harmony?)

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