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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: A Mysterious Person Receives Steffy and Finn's Wedding Announcement (WATCH)

Steffy Forrester, Dr. John Finnegan, The Bold and the Beautiful

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap: Steffy and Finn have gathered with Eric, Ridge, Brooke, Thomas, Jack, and Li in the Forrester communal office to discuss their impending nuptials. 

Side Note: Remember when this office was the CEO’s alone and folks existed in other locations? 

Everyone congratulates the blissfully happy couple, and Brooke pipes up to ask when they will be tying the knot! Shockingly, Steffy and Finn don’t want to wait. Eric asks if Taylor will be making an appearance. Steffy says she let her know, but Taylor is still busy doing her missionary work. 

Side Note: HER MISSIONARY WORK? Did we know that Taylor was away doing missionary work? I may have just erased it from my brain. Steffy goes on to say that Taylor is so happy they’ve named their new baby after her. 

Side Note: Hayes is Taylor’s last name, but it actually belongs to her abusive ex-husband. Really?

Jack utters the word “beautiful” after Steffy mentions Taylor. Ridge wants Jack to speak up and he says he was talking about their beautiful family. 

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Side Note: Do we think Jack was actually describing the “beautiful” Forrester family?

The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) Recap: Finn Is Distressed By Steffy's Desire For a Family Wedding

Steffy and Finn have another surprise. Ridge wonders if Steffy is pregnant again, but it’s really about their wedding announcement. Steffy is on a motorcycle with Finn standing beside her. 

Side Note: Motorcycles have never brought much good luck to Steffy.

Jack wonders aloud if they are going to post the wedding announcement for the world to see. Finn answers that awkward question with a “yes” which leads Jack to showing us his worried face. Thomas and Li both think that the announcement looks “bad ass”. As they stand there, Steffy uses modern technology and posts the announcement. Afterwards, Steffy and Finn get all precious, the Forresters get all happy, and Jack looks all worried. 

In an unknown location, old school soap music plays and someone receives the wedding announcement and focuses right in on Finn’s face. Who could it pooooosssssssibly be? 

Will Steffy’s motorcycle break its streak of bad luck? Will the worry demonstrated by Jack’s furrowed brow come to fruition? We want to hear from YOU! Watch the video and sound off in the comments below!

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