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Cameron Mathison Discusses "Different" Character on General Hospital

Cameron Mathison

Cameron Mathison (ex-Ryan, All My Children) is getting ready to make his Port Charles premiere. The actor teased a bit of what fans can expect from him on General Hospital in a chat with Soap Opera Digest.

Mathison made the first move when it came to returning to ABC soaps. He explained:

Something I’ve always wanted to do was work on GENERAL HOSPITAL, and I kind of reached out to Frank Valentini, who is, of course, the executive producer over there, and I just said, ‘Listen, Frank, I’m going to have three days a week [free] and I don’t know if there’s anything, I don’t want to be presumptuous, you know I’ve always been a huge fan of yours and the show.’ 

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Valentini responded positively, and the rest, as they say, is history! But that doesn't mean Mathison was in on the storyline he'd be involved in from the get-go. He dished:

I was given like little decoy names of characters and storylines … It’s been also very easy for me to tell people I have no idea what’s going on — because I literally have had no idea what’s going on!

What can fans expect from the actor's character? He teased:

It’s a great opportunity for me as an actor, I’m super-excited about it, it is different [from what he played as Ryan], and also, in some ways has aspects of it that really play to my strengths, too.