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Perkie's Observations: Trina Overhears Stella Talk About Portia's Past Affair on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for August 2, 2021
Trina Robinson, General Hospital

Sydney Mikayla

On today's General Hospital recap: Harmony shows up for Wiley's birthday, which does not sit well with anyone. Willow wants to know why her mother came back now. Harmony says she's trying to rebuild her relationship with Willow.

Chase is angry and blames Harmony for working with Cyrus. Michael explains that Cyrus was threatening Willow and Harmony was protecting her. Chase wants Harmony gone, so she apologizes and leaves.

Valentin wants details on Willow's past and CarJason explain about the cult and Harmony's involvement with Cyrus. Jason is certain that Harmony is trying to make things right, but Monica feels it's up to Willow.

Carly brings up Britt to Jason, who doesn't want to discuss it. Jason says he hurt Britt and can't change it now.

Brook Lynn's curious about what's happening with Harmony. Valentin talks about how bad he was as a father and the his fights with Lulu over Charlotte. He tearfully wishes he had done things differently.

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Curtis wants to talk to Trina about his relationship with Portia. Trina promises that she's happy for them, but Curtis doesn't believe her. Trina wants to be sure that he and Jordan were done before he started with her mother. Curtis says his marriage is done and Trina's glad they weren't sneaking around.

Portia wants to have a moment with Jordan, but she's not interested. Jordan says she knows Portia and Curtis kissed, which Portia apologizes for. Jordan's surprised to find out that they are a couple. Portia realizes that she's losing Jordan's friendship. Jordan just wants Curtis to be happy.

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Jordan tells Curtis that she signed the divorce papers and are in the mail. She tells him she knows he and Portia have started something. Jordan says she signed the papers since she knew Curtis was ready to move, which surprises him.

Stella talks to Portia and says she doesn't want her hurt by pursuing Curtis. She says his marriage isn't over yet. Portia is dismissive of her, but Stella tells her not to insert herself in Curtis' marriage the same way he was in the middle of her marriage, which Trina overhears.

Sonny and Nina take care of the bar while Lenny's having his surgery. Nina mentions that it's Wiley's birthday and she's missing it. Sonny tells Nina to go back, but she says she wants to be here for him and Phyllis. The two share a kiss.

Sonny says Lenny's sickness has hit him hard. He tells her about finding the hat at the hospital and having a memory of letting go of someone. Sonny says he's worried about looking into his past in case he doesn't have a family.

Brook Lynn calls Nina to have her talk with Wiley. Sonny comes in as Nina's on FaceTime with Wiley. Carly walks across the room in the background in view of the camera.

Austin asks if Willow knows that Chase can walk, but he says he's only taken a few steps. Austin says Willow needs good news right now and that he'll help Chase get down to the gatehouse to see Willow.

Michael checks in with Willow, who's upset over her mother's visit and her baby's death. The two make out then have sex.

Austin and Chase arrive looking for Willow. 

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