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Perkie's Observations: Austin and Chase Find Proof of Willow's Cheating Heart on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for August 3, 2021
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Austin Holt, Spencer Cassadine, General Hospital

Roger Howarth, Josh Swickard

On today's General Hospital recap: Trina listens as Stella reprimands Portia for bringing Curtis into her marriage with Taggert. Stella warns that she won't allow Portia to get in between Curtis' marriage. Portia says it has nothing to do with Stella and to mind her beeswax. Portia spots Trina and realizes she heard everything. Trina runs off and Stella offers to go after her, but Portia warns her to stay away. Stella apologizes, but Portia's not having it.

Curtis is surprised to hear that Jordan didn't agree that divorce was the answer. Jordan says she gave up too easily and says she wants to try again. Curtis says they don't have any trust, but Jordan pushes. Curtis says he's moved on.

Spencer interrupts Cameron and Joss, and proceeds to be a complete and utter douche. Cameron and Joss take off and a crying Trina shows up. Trina tells Spencer that something happened with her mother. Spencer tells her to let Portia explain her side. Spencer tells her to see her mother as a flawed person.

Austin offers to check upstairs for Willow, but Chase is determined to show Willow what he's capable of. Austin finds Michael's shirt and belt by the couch, and Chase tries to go up and see the truth. Austin convinces Chase not to do it.

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After they're done cheating like a bunch of cheaters, Willow feels she should have told Chase the truth before now. Michael rationalizes it all and promises they'll get through this. The two head back up to the house, not knowing that Chase and Austin are hiding.

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Nina disconnects the call before Sonny can see Wiley. Phyllis returns and says Lenny is being kept in the hospital for observation. Phyllis tells Nina she saw Valentin at the hospital in New York and she told him to back off.

Sonny overhears and wonders about her relationship with Valentin. Nina promises they're done and she's since moved on.

Brook Lynn tells Valentin about Nina's speed in getting off the phone with Wiley. She wonders if he has plans to go and see Nina.

Trina heads back to the hospital to speak to Portia.

Chase insists that Austin help him up the stairs and sees the messy bed and the empty condom packet. Chase realizes that Willow is in love with Michael. Austin wonders what Chase is going to do about the betrayal.

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