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Perkie's Observations: Stella Collapses as She Mails Divorce Papers on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for August 4, 2021
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Stella Henry, General Hospital

Vernee Watson

Chase says he needs to confront Millow even though Austin thinks he should just leave the party. Chase tells Willow he was looking for her and she claims she needed a minute after seeing Harmony. Chase looks like he wants to confront Millow, but ends up being passive aggressive and not mentioning what he knows.

Monica talks to Carly about her marriage and says she respects the bonds between Carly and Jason. She says she won't stand in their way.

Cameron talks to Carly about Joss and how he's sorry about he accused Jason of the shooting. Carly accepts the apology, but brings up how he picked up a gun to shoot Jason, which is not okay with her. Cameron apologizes again and promises it won't happen again.

Brook Lynn and Valentin discuss his position at ELQ and she realizes he's going to continue to fight to keep it. She's certain he'll use Austin to help him, which Valentin admits.

Stella tells Curtis she confronted Portia and Trina overheard them. She apologizes and says she just wanted him to have the chance at love that she didn't. Curtis says whatever decision he and Jordan make don't involve her.

Trina accuses Portia of cheating on Taggert and breaking up the family. Trina says her mother should have told her the truth, but Portia says it wouldn't have been appropriate to learn as a child. She says parents keep secrets to protect their children.
Portia says she's not obligated to tell Trina everything about her life, as she's not her friend, but her mother.

Trina wonders if Taggert knew about Portia's affair. Portia says she never told him, but recently Taggert admitted he knew. She says she tried to make a happy home for Trina. Trina wonders if Portia's been wanting Curtis for all these years. Curtis finds them and apologizes on Stella's behalf. Trina apologizes for calling Curtis a cheater. Trina storms off leaving Portia upset.

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Laura wonders why Spencer came home now. He says he came back to make peace with Nikolas. Spencer brings up Kevin and Ryan, which angers Laura. Spencer resents Kevin for not telling everyone the truth about Ryan. Laura defends her husband.

Spencer mentions things being better at Wyndemere now that Ava is gone. He says he cleared the air with Ava and hopes she stays away from Nikolas. Laura says he and Ava were happy, but Ava is committed to protecting Avery.

Cameron and Joss run into them on their return. Spencer continues to be a douche to Cameron about working at Kelly's. Alone, Laura reprimands Spencer, reminding him that Liz is now a single mother and Cameron is paying his way through school.

Alexis has a conversation with Ryan and warns him if she thinks he's faking, she'll make sure he pays for it. She's surprised to see Harmony, who says she's working there as a health aid. Harmony says Ryan suffers from locked in syndrome, but has a functioning mind.

Alexis questions why Harmony is helping Ryan, but she says it's her job. Alexis brings up the DOD cult and how Harmony was second in command. Harmony says she's trying to turn her life around. Alexis feels Harmony will fall under Ryan's spell, like she did with Shiloh and Cyrus. Harmony says she's just grateful to be employed after being released from jail and swears she's done with cults.

Later, Alexis sees Harmony working with Ryan on the alphabet. Alexis asks an orderly what she's doing and he says Harmony sends letters for him.

Chase asks Austin to help him pack and leave, but Austin thinks otherwise. He tells Chase not to throw the marriage away until there is nothing to fight for anymore. Chase asks Willow for a kiss goodnight from her, which she gives him.

Stella collapses at Kelly's. 

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