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Perkie's Observations: Joey Delivers a Threat to Jason Through Josslyn on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for August 5, 2021
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Eden McCoy

Eden McCoy

On today's General Hospital recap: Cameron checks in with Curtis and Portia on Stella's condition. She was brought into the hospital after collapsing from a stroke. Portia promises that Stella will recover and is grateful for Cameron's quick thinking by calling 911.

Cameron mentions the envelope that Stella wanted to mail and it got lost in the confusion with the paramedics. Curtis promises to find out from Stella what was in the envelope. Curtis blames himself for Stella's stroke. Portia says stress can be a factor, but there's enough blame to go around. Stella wakes up and everyone apologizes for being hard on her. Stella says she's the only one to blame. Curtis asks if she remembers about the envelope that got lost, but she doesn't.

Brando tells Jason he won't be joining the business because of Sasha and the baby. Talk turns to Carly and Brando offers his congratulations on their upcoming marriage.

Sasha promises Brook Lynn a new assistant and introduces her to Gladys. Brook Lynn isn't impressed when Gladys says she has no experience as a marketing assistant. After Gladys leaves, Sasha begs Brook Lynn to go along with the plan to keep Gladys busy. Brook Lynn tries to get along with Gladys.

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Britt tells Terry that she's turning down the co-chief position and reminds her she was working with Jason to take down Cyrus. Terry says it's in everyone's best interest if they work together and wants Britt to reconsider.

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Carly confronts Jax about her marriage to Jason. Jax is not happy that the marriage just brings Joss closer to trouble, which Carly disagrees with.

Jax runs into Britt, who tells him about the co-chief position and how she doesn't want to share the job. He tries to convince her otherwise. The two discuss CarJason's wedding, which neither believe is about true love. Jax says Carly makes her plans and Jason goes along with them. Jax says he doesn't care, so long as Joss is happy.

Britt heads back to the hospital and tells Terry she'll accept the co-chief position.

Joey Novak confronts Joss and Cameron at Kelly's. He tells them to tell Jason that he'll be around and keeping an eye on them. Joss tells Cameron it's not his business so she leaves to give her mother the message.

Joss tells Carly what happened with Joey which Jax overhears. Carly says she wants a bodyguard on Joss at all times. Jax wants to know what kind of trouble Carly has put Joss in.

Jason finds Cameron angrily punching the bag at the gym and gives him boxing tips. Cameron tells Jason about Joey and is angry that he couldn't protect Joss. 

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