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Perkie's Observations: Nikolas Becomes Suspicious of Ryan on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for August 6, 2021
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Nikolas Cassadine, General Hospital

Marcus Coloma

On today's General Hospital recap: Sam and Nikolas pay a visit to Alexis. Alexis complains about Ryan having an aide who writes letters for him. She wonders if Ryan could be Ava's stalker and if Harmony is helping him.

Nikolas questions Harmony and wants to know if she's helping Ryan to harass Ava. Sam says Ryan is a threat, but Harmony disagrees. She says she's trying to turn her life around and not go back to prison. Harmony says the letters weren't a threat and she's only been working with him for a few weeks. She claims most of the letters were returned.

Nikolas wants to see the unopened letters, but both Harmony and Alexis point out it would be mail theft. Harmony says it's her job to help Ryan and she doesn't want to do more prison time. Later, Harmony leaves the letter lying out for Nikolas and Alexis to see.

Shawn runs into Ava who questions whether his six years behind bars to protect Sonny were worth it. Shawn claims he doesn't regret it. Ava asks if Shawn is willing to be her bodyguard, but he says he's busy trying to find out who shot Hayden.

Jax is still complaining about Joss' safety, but Carly says she's handling things. Carly says she had to step up after Sonny died, but Jax insists Joss is in danger because Carly can't let go of Sonny. Carly says she has a bodyguard on Joss now and he'll blend in while she's in college.

Laura meets with Dante to let him know she met with Lulu's doctors. She tells him the news isn't good. Laura says she'll never give up on Lulu, but Dante needs to move on. He admits he's in limbo and hasn't stopped loving Lulu even though they aren't married anymore. Laura says Lulu would want Dante to live his life to the fullest.

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Violet, Finn, and Liz enjoy a milkshake until Hayden's mother Naomi arrives. Violet asks her grandmother where Hayden is, but Naomi doesn't know. Finn demands to know why Naomi is showing after so much time has passed. Naomi wants to spend time with Violet. She says she'll be staying in Port Charles.

Liesl confronts Jason about abandoning Britt to marry Carly and questions his manhood. Liesl accuses him of walking away and he admits he let Britt down. When Anna arrives, Jason makes a quick departure. Liesl complains to Anna about Jason and how she hoped he was responsible for Peter's disappearance. Anna mentions she's working with the PCPD, but isn't sharing anything with Liesl. Liesl says they need to be careful until Peter is caught.

Jason finds Joey and his posse at Kelly's. He says Joey crossed a line when he approached Joss. Jason says he'll retaliate if Joey continues to bother them. Jason says none of the families will tolerate Joey's disrespect, but Joey doesn't seem worried.

Sam runs into Liz who tells her about Naomi showing up in town. Sam calls Shawn to let him know.

Jason updates Carly and they wonder if Joey has allies.

Alexis and Nikolas go through the returned mail and find the one addressed to Spencer.

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